The Binance exchange has created a convenient and useful product for users. This is a Binance Pay service. With it, you can not only send cryptocurrency around the world for free, but also pay for purchases in companies that support this service. Let’s see how you can send cryptocurrency using Binance Pay.

How to send cryptocurrency using Binance Pay

All registered users who have passed identity verification (KYC) on the Binance exchange can use the Binance Pay service. 

You need to log into the Binance app, then go to the “Pay” and “Submit” tabs. Then, in order to send cryptocurrency, you must enter the user details. This can be a phone number, email address, or Pay ID of the recipient. The recipient should be sure to attach this data to their Binance exchange account.


You can enter the details manually or use a QR code, which must be provided by the payee. In this case, you need to scan the recipient’s QR code and his data will be automatically entered. In addition, for convenience, you can create a “Contact List” – it’s something like a notebook.

Please note that payment details may vary. It depends on what data the recipient specified when generating the QR code. We will return to this in the next article.

The scanner is located on the front page of the Binance app in the top right corner. However, there is another way to scan. To do this, you need to press and hold the application icon on the mobile phone screen. As a result, a menu will open where you will be asked to scan the recipient’s QR code.

So, after the details have been entered, you need to check them and click “Continue”.

Then you need to choose a payment method – from which wallet of your account on the exchange you want to make a transfer. The system will automatically show all available methods. You must select and “Confirm” the action.

Next, you need to enter the pin code that was created when setting up the application. However, it is worth noting that after five erroneous attempts to enter a pin code, this function will be blocked for five hours.

As a result, if the PIN code is entered correctly, the transaction will be successfully completed.

After the transfer of funds, the recipient will receive either an SMS or an email. There will be a guide on how to get cryptocurrency.

The recipient will find this payment in the following way: “Wallet” – “Recharges” – “Pay” – “Payment history”.


So, Binance Pay is a simple and useful feature for users. With it, you can send cryptocurrency for free. In  the next article, I’ll show you how you can easily get cryptocurrency into your wallet with Binance Pay