Motorcycles are the preferred means of transportation for many people in Nigeria, especially those who live in large cities and must travel long distances daily in a short time. However, many also enjoy these vehicles as part of an experience, either alone or in a group with other motorists, taking a motorcycle ride is something out of the routine and quite pleasant.

If you like motorcycles and know a lot about them, you could profit from a specialized workshop. Mechanics is a fairly profitable business in Nigeria and taking into account that more and more people prefer this means of transport, the economic return makes investing in it worthwhile.

Next, we tell you how to create your own motorcycle workshop and earn more money in Nigeria. Take note!

How to open a profitable motorcycle workshop in Nigeria 


Cropped view of Mechanic using a wrench on a motorcycle on white background


  • Business plan


Prepare a document where you determine how to carry out your idea. There you will settle all the costs involved to calculate the investment. Take into account factors such as the location that the workshop will have, how this activity is developed in the region (research the market and the competition), what type of services you want to offer, determine objectives, etc. Knowing all these things will make your work easier and you will not fall into improvisation.

  • Training


Whether you plan to run the business or hire staff, educate yourself on the subject. It’s good to learn as much as you can about mechanics, though other specializations can help a lot, like painting, adaptations, and mods (or “customizations”, changes in appearance).

Even the best way to learn is by doing it, so you can work first in other workshops so that, being close to more experienced mechanics, you can acquire first-hand knowledge.

If you are not the one who will do the mechanical work, among others, but you will only deal with the administration of the site, it will also help you to know how it works to supervise and guarantee that good services are provided.

  • Location


Workshops are usually located where there are many similar businesses; however, you must make sure that it is an easily accessible place and that it has security, because there you will not only store your work instruments, but also your clients’ motorcycles.

  • Structure


Although the workshops do not need luxurious spaces, it is recommended that they be spacious. The more space the site has, the more employees you can have and therefore the more customers you can serve.

Likewise, it will be more advantageous to store the supplies and work instruments (here you will carry out the services)place a kind of reception and counter to serve customers, prepare a space for the changing rooms and the employees’ dining room, in addition to restrooms and administrative office.

Ideally, it should be of the commercial shed type and be well lit. The floor must be made of cement and many decorative details are not necessary, since the company’s own activity will end up interfering in the space (although if you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, create a space where your customers feel comfortable).

  • Equipment


Depending on the services you offer, you must buy your work tools. In general, you will need:

  • fuel detector
  • pressure gauge (manometer),
  • Multimeter,
  • motorcycle injector cleaning and testing machine,
  • electronic analyzer to regulate and tune the engine,
  • digital Color Analyzer,
  • analyzers in general (  fuel mixture , performance and diagnostics),
  • portable dynamometer,
  • tracker for electronic injection (for Harley Davidson, BMW and Triumph models),
  • Kawasaki and Suzuki fuel pumps;
  • chassis Aligner,
  • service banks,
  • vacuum pump for oil change,
  • tire lift and wheel balancer,
  • motorcycle tool sets (general purpose tools and special tools for certain makes and models),
  • In addition, you can have a motorcycle to perform external emergency services.


These would be the basic equipment / machinery required for you to set up a small motorcycle workshop.

  • Trained staff


Your employees must have the knowledge and experience necessary to serve your customers. You can’t leave your business name in the hands of unprofessionals, so be thorough looking for the best in your area.

They must be excellent and you must be demanding with it. When you do the interviews, don’t just learn about their previous experiences, have them solve a real problem on a motorcycle in front of you.

In turn, they must know how to work surrounded by other employees, always respecting the workplace, their colleagues, their clients, as well as the rules of care and cleanliness.

  • Business process of a motorcycle workshop


The business process is summarized in receiving the customer’s motorcycle, detecting the problem presented, making a budget for the solution presented, submitting the budget for approval, executing the service and delivering the motorcycle in perfect working order to the customer.

Regardless of the size of the company, all these stages must be met. The variation will depend on the size of the production and the necessary and desired automation for a better quality service.

  • Work legally


Do not skip any bureaucratic steps or later it could cost you more or even the closure of your business. It is better that you are up to date with your licenses, permits, payment of taxes and current regulations. Also, always keep track of your billing.

  • Divulgation


It is important that you invest part of the budget in advertising your business. It can be a bit difficult at first due to the amount of competition out there, plus many people already have a shop and even a trusted mechanic.

You can partner with insurance companies, towing and towing services, and businesses dealing with vehicles and disabled vehicles to get more potential customers.

On the other hand, social networks are currently a great advantage because through them we can present our work in detail, and people interested in our services can see what we are capable of with just one click. Try offering a free service through a contest or half-price diagnostics to the first ten people who creatively comment on a post. There are many strategies that you can use in this way.

Final Words

Finally, always seek to offer a memorable service for your customers. From the attention they receive when they arrive at your workshop to the guarantee you offer. Work honestly, charge fair and create loyalty in your customers, so that they can recommend you with their eyes closed.