The rental of equipment for parties of any kind  (tables, chairs, etc.) is something that has been in great demand in the Nigerian market and all this due to the practicality offered by renting these products, instead of having to buy them. . Also,  parties, there are many parties, ranging from birthdays, weddings, end of the year parties and more. But who’d come to a party to stand? And even if they will, it has to be for a reason like dancing or, you know them, anyway. 

So, thinking about it, below we are going to show you some tips so that you can successfully set up your own table and chair rental service. Take note!


How to offer a table and chair rental service


First of all, it is important to do a little research to see if people in your city have the habit of renting tables and chairs, and if there are already companies in the sector operating, in this way, you can do an analysis to see if it will be worth it. invest in this business or not. The second step is to choose the commercial point where your service will be installed, which can be a space in your own home or even rent a privileged place to set up your table and chair rental service.

In general,  you will have to invest a good capital in the purchase of tables and chairs that will be exposed for rent; and the more diverse your stock of products, the greater the chances of pleasing your customers.

So you can buy PVC tables and chairs, wooden tables, round tables, square tables, oval tables, etc. However, it is logical that initially you start only with the rental of plastic (PVC) tables and chairs and with the time increase the number of your products.

How much does it cost to set up a chair and table rental service in Nigeria?

From the beginning, you don’t have to invest a whole lot of money, since in addition to renting the premises and buying the goods for rent, you will also have to work on the decoration of the premises, the purchase of office equipment and it will also be important to have a vehicle to make deliveries. of their tables and chairs for customers, but this is an optional part. Therefore, you will have to invest between #200,000 thousand to #500,000 thousand to open a well-organized table and chair rental place to work efficiently in your city. Busy cities like Lagos could cost more, depending on your location. 

Organization and disclosure of your rental service


Who wants to start renting tables and chairs must pay attention to some crucial details for their success in this business and one of them is the organization in their work: try to have all the control of your products in an inventory or stock , legalize your rental store to work formally, work with new products that have some quality certificate, and always clean and disinfect your products before renting them.

Alternatively, endure that you invest in promoting your new service, so that it is possible to reach a larger audience, for this, you can use traditional means of communication , such as newspaper ads, social networks, brochures or even word of mouth. by mouth in your city. For a table and chair rental service it is also always important to have business cards ready to hand out wherever you go.


Is it worth it to Invest on the rental of tables and chairs?

If you are familiar with the area and see in this option a business opportunity that can work in your city, then invest heavily in it, since everything indicates that the rental of tables and chairs, among other decoration elements, is growing in a spectacular in the Hispanic market.

So, all you need to do now is to plan your entire service, make a very detailed business plan as well, and start your business. The success from now on depends only on you, we only hope that all this information can help you in some way to effectively start your table and chair rental business.