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How to withdraw from an ATM without Card

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At some point in our adult life, we’ve left home without knowing that we didn’t have our withdrawal card to use at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Point of Sale (POS) card. Now, it’s understandable that must have felt awful cause that might have left us cash-strapped. But then, technology has advanced and measures have been taken to help us withdraw from an ATM without a Card. How? Well, some of the processes aren’t what you don’t know already.

Do you need to withdraw money and you don’t have a bank card? If the withdrawal at the counter is considered by the banks as an exceptional procedure, it remains possible provided that you take the necessary precautions according to the place where you can withdraw: in your bank branch or another branch.

Virtually every Nigerian bank has also developed a new way of withdrawing inspired by the procedures put in place in the event of loss or theft of your card banking.

So if you don’t have a bank card, don’t panic: here’s how to withdraw money without a card.


Solution 1: Withdraw money at your bank counter

To ensure the safety of both staff and customers, banks have limited cash in branches. Withdrawal from an agency, therefore, assumes that the latter has a cash service.

Notwithstanding, withdrawing cash at the counter remains a troubleshooting operation, which is obligatorily free. How? Simple… Just follow this process;

With your checkbook and an identity card

  • Go to the counter with a valid proof of identity (national identity card, passport) and your checkbook.
  • You will be asked to fill out a check payable to yourself or your bank, with the amount withdrawn from your account.

Note: The maximum amount you can withdraw depends on your bank. This is either the maximum amount available at the ATM (cash dispenser), or the maximum withdrawal amount provided for in your account agreement.

With a withdrawal slip

  • Withdrawal slips are available to you. The amount withdrawn is shown on the slip that you sign in duplicate.
  • Keep the double that will be given to you, for proof of the amount withdrawn.


Solution 2: Withdraw money at the counter of another branch

Note: you can only withdraw money from a branch in your banking network. So be careful if you are in a regional bank: if you need to withdraw money in a region other than the one to which your branch belongs, you may be refused a withdrawal at the counter.

Withdrawal at the counter assumes that you present:

  • A valid identity card: national identity card, passport, etc.;
  • A check-in favor of the agency to which you present yourself.

If cash withdrawal is free at the counter of your branch, it may be charged if you withdraw money from another branch. Check your account agreement for the charges for this transaction.

Solution 3: Withdraw via your mobile application, your Internet space, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

This is where we are going. You probably already know about the first 2 solutions but it didn’t hurt to talk about it, did it?

A good number of Nigerian banks have developed cardless withdrawals via smartphone applications or their internet interface. Of course, you must have seen it somewhere, somehow, but might not know of the importance. Now you do!!

The principle is very simple;

  • you order the amount you wish to withdraw online at the ATM (cash machine);
  • you receive an SMS, Email, or Hardware Token ( OTP, as we commonly know) with a code to dial at the ATM to make the withdrawal.

How about the USSD option?

Do you know the beauty of this new invention about cardless withdrawals? You don’t always need the internet to operate it. Even with your “palasa” burner phone, you can walk to any ATM stand and withdraw your cash. This is what you should do;

  1. Simply dial your bank USSD code ( we talk about different banks codes in this article) and choose the “Withdraw Money” option
  2. Click on the “ATM Withdrawal” selection.
  3. Input the Amount and you want to withdraw and verify the transaction with your PIN.
  4. Your bank will send a transaction code to be inputted on the ATM or POS for a successful withdrawal. …
  5. It is now left to you to locate the nearest ATM or POS stand to complete your transaction.

Note: Please be informed that these codes have a stipulated period that they can last before they expire. Ensure to confirm from your bank and make sure to complete your transaction before it elapses.

This new service allows you to communicate the code to make cash available to a loved one or remedy the forgetting of your card.

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