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How will Coinbase’s Super Bowl QR change advertising metrics?

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The QR code ad that Accenture made for Coinbase at the Super Bowl is an interesting experiment to measure the impact of advertising on viewers. The spot, which is still being talked about, projects a single image with a QR code moving from corner to corner of the screen. Kate Rouch, director of marketing at Coinbase, has said that 20 million people used the QR code to connect to the company’s website during the minute the spot was broadcast. The message was clear: $15 in bitcoin for signing up on the exchange and a chance to win $3 million in prizes.

QR, Coinbase and advertising



With the QR, Rouch obtained the exact data of the impact that the advertisement had on viewers at the very moment of its broadcast. A fact that could completely change the way in which the impact of advertising on viewers is measured. Currently, the companies that measure audiences offer an estimate of the percentage of viewers who watch a television program , based on a sample of audiometers or computers from a panel of households. Therefore, the Coinbase spot marks a before and after in the measurement of audiences of all kinds.From now on, brands, in addition to television, can add QR to the pages of a newspaper, a magazine or a podcast, and thus directly record an audience that has actively reacted to the advertising stimulus.


Such a large number of visitors caused the momentary collapse of the web, which resulted in numerous memes on Twitter. With great humor, Rouch says that he liked all of them, but especially those made by Avocados From Mexico,  FTX,  Intuit, Irish Spring  and  Mr. Peanut. Crypto has a loyal community that communicates in memes and it was important to me to see how much fun the community had at the time, Kate states. Since the ad is still being viewed, the QR continues to work; but instead of 15 dollars, Coinbase gives away 5.



The ad also won the Super Clio Awards, an award that recognizes the best Super Bowl ads and is highly regarded internationally. Clio explains in a publication that although the announcement did not please everyone, on a night in which spots usually delight in expensive productions, Coinbase’s represented the opposite. That was what made him stand out and that the 20 members of the Super Clio jury decided that he was the best, indicates the publication. The assessment of effectiveness prevailed over that of aesthetic specificity.

Kate explains that the aim of the spot was to arouse people’s interest, but doing something different and low production. “Our main inspiration was the curiosity and intimidation that cryptocurrencies produce for many people,” says Kate. The third prize for the Clios went to another spot from a cryptocurrency company. In this case, the FTX exchange, made by the dentuMB agency.

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