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Huge success of cryptocurrency exchange ads in the Super Bowl

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For the first time, three cryptocurrency platforms, Coinbase, FTX, and, aired advertisements for their companies during the Super Bowl. Each of these companies paid a record amount of 7 million dollars, 25% more than in 2021 , causing the average price per ad to reach historical figures. However, the operation was a success. In fact, Coinbase collapsed due to the success of his announcement. Which led to the popular cryptocurrency exchange achieving record traffic figures. 2021 ended with huge sponsorship deals by cryptocurrency exchanges and 2022 is expected to top it.



Cryptocurrency Ads at the Super Bowl


With an estimated audience of 100 million people, cryptocurrency exchanges could not miss the most important sporting event of the year in the United States. The companies FTX and bet on a message similar to their television ads, supporting the use of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase preferred much more aggressive advertising, giving away $15 worth of bitcoins to anyone who scanned a QR code.



Back to the past


The FTX coin exchange debuted with an ad in which well-known actor Larry David plays a time-traveling skeptic poking fun at inventions like the wheel, forks, the light bulb, portable music players, and so on. last, of cryptocurrencies, leaving a clear final message: do not be like Larry.



In a similar context, ran an ad showing famous basketball player Lebron James talking to his 2003 self. The young Lebron marvels at the idea of ​​wireless headphones, smartphones and electric cars, asking the older Lebron if he thinks he’s ready for the NBA. After a brief pause, the older Lebron replies that he does want to make history, he has to make his own decisions.


Coinbase, the winner


Coinbase preferred a more direct type of advertising, which made it the big winner of the night. The North American cryptocurrency exchange released a full 60-second ad, which consisted almost entirely of a QR code with the Coinbase symbol bouncing off the screen. It reminded me of the screen saver on DVD players.


The QR, which is still active, takes viewers to the Coinbase website that is offering a limited-time promotion of $15 in free bitcoin for new users registered before February 15. It also offers the possibility of winning prizes of up to 3 million dollars. The marketing campaign became so successful that Coinbase’s website crashed for a few minutes during the Super Bowl ad airing.


Advertising of cryptocurrency companies.


These three cryptocurrency exchanges have opted for a sponsorship policy in which it is increasingly common to see their images and logos on television and sporting events. The FTX exchange has become the official sponsor of the MLB (League Baseball) and has spent more than $135 million to put its name on the stadium of the Miami Heat. It has also been associated with the Mercedes F1 team. Coinbase has become the official cryptocurrency platform of the NBA and spent more than $700 million to name the Los Angeles Lakers stadium after 

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