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Hyundai enters the NFT arena

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A new industry giant, this time automotive, is entering the world of NFTs. This time it’s South Korean automaker Hyundai. The latter announces a partnership with a company in the sector to create a collection of 30 NFTs.

“A ticket to the new world”

Hyundai has just announced the release of a collection of 30 NFTs in partnership with the Meta Kongz project. The Meta Kongz are a successful NFT collection featuring 10,000 gorillas launched last December. The South Korean firm has notably revealed a trailer in which we can see a gorilla driving a Pony, an iconic model from Hyundai released in 1975.

This video aims to symbolize the meeting between the automotive world and this new and growing universe of NFTs. The company also points out that these first NFTs will potentially give access to other surprises and will not be the last published by Hyundai.

One step closer to the concept of metamobility


Hyundai had already launched a few weeks ago its concept of “Metamobility” combining metaverse and real life. Indeed, with this innovation, the changes and modifications made by users in the metaverse would be replicated in the real world. A way according to the South Korean firm ” to exceed the physical limits of movement in time and space”.

For Hyundai, the metaverse is set to become an integral part of everyone’s daily life. His idea is therefore to propose a hybrid platform, in which the distinction with reality could disappear. An innovative vision that fully inscribes the brand in the world of Web3.

We will therefore closely follow the next announcements from the car manufacturer. The latter seems to have decided to board the metaverse train and take advantage of the growing opportunities of the Web3 ecosystem.

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