Regardless of whether you are a company that transports shipments from one city to another in Nigeria, or instead you are a construction company that needs to move materials from one place to another, the solution in terms of transportation will always be a used industrial vehicle . However, if you have any doubts about what industrial vehicles are or what their types are; we invite you to stay.

What is an industrial vehicle and what is it for?


On this occasion we will focus on the benefits that these vehicles can give you, and even more so if we focus on second-hand industrial vehicles. Join us! 

In recent years, much has been heard about used or second-hand industrial vehicles; However, before getting into that topic fully, we believe that it is necessary to tell you about some specificities that you must take into account if you want to acquire one.

First, we must mention that it is a fundamental tool for any company that works with cargo

. Because, regardless of what your company does, industrial vehicles will provide all kinds of services. However, there are variations and models in industrial vehicles; some of them are small and powerful; and others, too big and too strong… So the question is, which one is better for me? Let’s find out!


1. Vehicle models and types


The division is simple, industrial vehicles range from trucks to buses, passing through road trains or articulated trucks; You even have the possibility of getting special vehicles…

  • Trucks: The first category of industrial vehicles are in fact the most commercial. Why? The question is easy, these are vehicles that are characterized by being light, medium-sized, medium-heavy, heavy and mixed. In other words, here you will find a wide range of sizes that can be adjusted to the needs of your company.
  • Road trains: the great characteristic of this category is its size, as it is one of the largest industrial vehicles on the market, handling up to 4 axles on its trailers.
  • Articulated trucks: we can say that they are the most versatile, especially because they can incorporate some special transport, in addition to having a 3 to 5-axle trailer.
  • Buses: there is a lot of variety, urban buses, microbuses, tourism, or articulated bus. All incredibly efficient for a public transport company.
  • Special vehicles: Last but not least, there are the special ones, those that have unusual features and have a specific job. For example, tank trucks, concrete mixers or those that transport bulk.


2. Benefits of buying used vehicles


If we talk about cost, the concern may arise because, we must be honest, these vehicles are expensive in the Nigerian market. Even so, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) it seems that this will no longer be a problem…

As we told you at the beginning, second-hand industrial vehicles have been talked about thanks to their prices. You see, there are specialized companies that manage and collect the industrial vehicles that are found in official dealers and established companies in the sector ; its objective is focused on exhibiting the vehicles offering a comprehensive service.

What is the main benefit? Well, obviously the economy. Buying used vehicles guarantees you to save an important part of your budget and invest it in other tools that you can use.

In the companies that are dedicated to exhibiting industrial vehicles, reconditioning, insurance and credits are usually made to finance your vehicle. Trust us, you won’t find better service than this. 


Now, another of the great advantages that you can find when buying or renting an industrial vehicle has to do with its performance and consumption, since these vehicles, having an excellent engine, considerably reduce fuel consumption, and therefore the polluting emissions from burning. Of course, everything is coldly calculated; When these vehicles spend a lot of time on the road, they generally do many kilometers, so it is essential that the engine works perfectly or does not consume too much gasoline or diesel.

In short, if you realize it, there are a million possibilities open to you if you have an industrial vehicle. Not only does it allow you to solve any type of cargo transportation, but it also allows you to open new paths in your market. The truck will be available for you to use 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you just have to take the opportunity.