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Interactions between avatars in the Metaverse: a challenge for the future 

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The interactions between avatars in the Metaverse are the great challenge for the future. Currently, the main debates about the Metaverse are about the centralized vs. decentralized polarity, about the level of prominence that NFTs will acquire, about the role of commercial brands in its configuration or about the technical capabilities of the different interfaces.

Without trying to downplay all of these issues one iota of importance, and without losing touch with them, I believe that at least part of the competition between the different metaverse offerings is going to be in the type of interaction between avatars that they make possible. It must be taken into account that, in the internet that we know, among the most successful applications are those that allow the greatest flow of interactions between actors.


Interactions between avatars in the metaverse


In Snow Crash, the interactions between avatars in the Metaverse are of such a quality that they are life-like.

They are even better than those lived by the protagonist -Hiro- in what can be considered his life. The interactions in the Metaverse-fiction are more intense than the interactions in life-fiction. But what do we have today, in the present concretions of the Metaverse? We have something that, more than interactions, it is possible to describe the relationships between the avatars that coincide in the Metaverse as encounters. Meetings around events or ceremonies: a music concert, a party promoted by a brand or a corporation, a meeting to celebrate Christmas or a birthday.

Now, the Metaverse seems more like a space of events, of events, where even the encounters with the close ones appear dressed as an event, perhaps because of the novelty.

The metaverse as a great social project


The other logic of interaction is that of games. It is an interaction in which the competitive logic absolutely dominates the collaborative logic.

In the midst of all this, wandering, jumping, crowds of avatars around the center of the event, such as the avatar of a musician at a concert. It can be said that the Metaverse has a great social projection. It is a great social project, which summons intense sociabilities. But he still has a long way to go to develop them, give them intensity and meaning. You still need to find the logic of your sociability.

In any case, the interaction is carried out by the avatars. Some avatars that unfold along the falsehood/authenticity axis, which is that of simulation. Too attached to its owner, to be false. Too graphically refigured to be authentic. They appear, at the same time, as recycling of their owners. Owners recycle their identity into avatars at the same time that avatars recycle themselves into subjects. The avatar is the simulated subject and, at the same time, the subject of the simulation.

From this possibility of recycling the identities of the subjects, the Metaverse can achieve cultural recycling. Deeper and more effective than material recycling. But, for this, you have to develop the interactions between avatars.

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