New technologies facilitate processes that were previously more tedious and for which there were geographical barriers. In our blog you already have a guide to investing in the stock market, but this time we present a selection of apps to be able to do it with your mobile phone and from wherever you want.

There is a wide variety of proposals, some focused on those who are starting out in the world of the stock market and others for experts. However, the main idea of ​​all is that you can start organizing your finances and learn more about the financial market, to get the most out of your investments without having to leave home.


Plus 500, for beginners


This app is designed for beginners in the world of finance. One of the peculiarities of this application is that it allows the user to work simulating his own stock portfolio so that, once prepared, he can apply it to his movements. In addition, in order to invest in the stock market it is necessary to be informed of the last minute related to stock market variations, so this application also has a price alert service for those indices in which you are interested.


An online broker is a service that allows you to trade securities. You will be able to open a securities account , buy and sell financial securities and access all the information to make the best investment decisions. In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about online brokers.

Infobolsa, aimed at financial experts


Infobolsa is aimed at an expert audience with some knowledge of how the financial world works. The functionalities of this app are focused, above all, on long-term investments. Among the contents that you can find as a user are the world reference indices, currencies, interest rates or risk premiums.

Bloomberg, reference app to invest in the stock market

It is an application that is quite intuitive thanks to the fact that it consists of a multitude of graphs on the evolution of the different stock markets. Bloomberg keeps you informed of financial news so you can make informed investment decisions. In addition to the news, the application allows you to add the values ​​you want to follow and have comparative graphs on their evolution. It is one of the preferred by people specialized in the stock market investment sector.

Yahoo Finance, simple and effective


One of the advantages of this application to invest in the stock market is that it is available in several languages. It is a service that, in addition to offering information on the different financial securities, allows you to create portfolios of securities with more or less risk to observe the evolution of the investments that you as a user want to make. Its interface is simple and easy to use.


Real Time Stock Tracker, for the US stock market


Focused on US stock values, Real Time Stock Tracker is designed for users interested in international finance. One of its advantages is that it allows multiple control of several values ​​and updates their data every 20 seconds, so you will always be informed of the last minute. In addition, it allows you to create lists, portfolios and alerts in real time.

Stocks, perfect for beginners

It is a very didactic application since it helps the novice investor to understand the value tables by explaining everything that is shown to him. It allows the consultation in real time of quotes, as well as creating groups of securities and bonds to group them according to certain sectors. Stocks is multiplatform and synchronizable, so you can use it from both your mobile and your tablet, always keeping the data you have saved or configured on those devices.

Cobinhood, for the exchange of cryptocurrencies

In recent years, cryptocurrencies, a digital medium of exchange, have grown exceptionally. They are used to exchange your money for them and thus be able to carry out transactions. That is why applications focused on the management of cryptocurrencies are so important. Cobinhood allows, in this way, the exchange of them without any type of charge