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Ireland to Ban Crypto Donations to Parties to Avoid Russian Election Interference

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The Government of Ireland will ban political parties from receiving crypto donations to prevent Russian interference in the general election. According to the Independent newspaper, the country’s Executive is drafting new political integrity rules, for fear of Russian meddling in the Irish elections. Those rules also include stricter conditions on foreign donations and requirements for parties to offer more details on the matter.

Ireland crypto donations


The measures also measures against campaigns on social networks. Thus, the Electoral Commission may request that accounts that spread false information and that could affect the electoral results be eliminated. According to the aforementioned media, the local government minister, Darragh O’Brien, responsible for electoral reform, has already communicated to party leaders the measures he is taking to counteract foreign interference in the Irish elections.


Disinformation war


O’Brien said he will propose amendments to the 2022 electoral reform bill aimed at protecting against malicious interference online. At the same time, he will review political finance laws, to prevent foreign meddling in the way parties or individuals receive financial support.


The Irish minister said the appalling invasion of Ukraine and the insidious war of disinformation highlight the ongoing fundamental threats facing all democracies. O’Brien explained that the new measures are aimed at protecting “our democratic system, given the growing threat of cyber warfare directed at free countries.”

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