If you are new to the world of entrepreneurship in Nigeria, you know that the solution you offer is incredible and that you can change the world with it, but it seems that the world also needs to know and agree with you or, in other words, you need to promote your value offer so that it reaches the ears of many people, especially in a world dominated by social networks.

We have the answer for you: you need a brand ambassador, there is no defined profile and anyone who can value your brand could become our ambassador and as an entrepreneur it is important that you also take on that role. It’s time to give something extraordinary to someone extraordinary.

What is a brand ambassador?


A brand ambassador is a person who represents an organization and who is relevant to the intended target audience. If you are thinking of inviting someone to be your brand ambassador, it is super important that you look for someone who really reflects your product, for that we recommend asking a super simple question: “If my brand were a person, what would it be like?”

This will help you identify what values ​​you need to represent, physical characteristics, character, personality and circle of influence of the people you have in mind. For this, it is also very important that you carefully review the reputation of the brand ambassador you have in mind, if they have worked with any of your competitors and very importantly, how real the followers they have are and how they interact with them. The last thing you want is to harm your image and less at an early stage of your business.


What does a brand ambassador do?


In general, an ambassador manages to bring the company’s products, services and values ​​closer to the consumer, attracting their attention to finally increase your level of sales, brand awareness or positioning.

There are two types of ambassadors, those who charge for it and those who can organically generate leads for your brand, the latter are super interesting because once your clients marry your brand they automatically become your brand ambassador; Another segment that should have your tattooed brand is your collaborators.

For paid brand ambassadors, you must have very well defined responsibilities for a specific target. It would be a mistake to look for it to attract as many people as possible, as the saying goes: “a bird in the hand is worth a hundred in the wings.”

It is important that you know that a brand ambassador must be part of a comprehensive and inbound marketing strategy, this means that we should not expect a brand to become relevant only for this action. It is also essential that you are clear about what you expect at the end of this type of action and how you will be measuring it.


Differences between brand ambassador and influencer


It is important that we do not confuse these two concepts, since they fulfill different functions for the company. An influencer is a person who changes the way their followers think or act mostly through social media or the internet and tends to be someone famous.

The main difference is that a brand ambassador is committed to the brand. On the other hand, the influencer must remain somewhat more impartial and more distant from the brand.

Is it better to hire an influencer or a brand ambassador?


It depends on the needs you have as a brand, it is also important that you consider your budget and that you know that nothing happens if you use these two profiles, as long as you have a very clear strategy.


What does it take to be a brand ambassador?


When choosing a brand ambassador, companies look for people who identify with their company, its values ​​and the message they want to convey. That is why, if you want to help a company achieve its marketing objectives, take into account the following points.

Find out: define which companies you would like to collaborate with, we recommend you start with local brands that you really like, study them and be proactive.
Networking: attend different events where you can meet the people who can make you an ambassador.
Reputation: you must have an excellent reputation on and off the Internet, you must be a person with excellent personal relationships, you must be friendly and proactive and in a certain way be an outgoing person.
Platforms: there are platforms to which you can subscribe and according to your profile they invite you to talk about certain brands.