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Jacquie and Michel Cryptocurrency

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The cryptosphere is constantly evolving. We witness the birth of new cryptocurrencies almost every day. Each of them has particularities that distinguish it from the others. For its part, the J&M brand is well known in the porn industry.


Behind The Launch of Jimizz, Token from Jacquie & Michel


The Jimizz ICO started on January 24, 2022. 4 billion JMZ tokens are available for buyers for 6 weeks. It should be noted that these are non-mintable tokens, i.e. the total number issued is definitively capped at 8 billion.


Its initiator, the Jacquie et Michel group, is well known in the sector of content, videos and a multitude of other adult product. And more generally in everything directly or indirectly related to porn. Precisely, the X sector faces various problems.


This is particularly the case in terms of payment methods. Yet it is a very thriving industry. Very few know it, but there are 20 times more video works produced there than in Hollywood. Internet-wide, porn takes up 12% of the web, which is huge.


Issues in the X Universe


In the world of Jacquie & Michel and more generally, in the world of pornography and adult videos, pitfalls sometimes arise in terms of payments. Banking organizations sometimes put a spoke in the wheels of operators in this branch.


In 2020, for example, well-known credit card brands have become inaccessible to well-known brands like PornHub. We should also mention the decision of certain sites to suspend the publication of sexual content, under pressure from banks…

There are three other very important points:

  • Control of minors’ access to adult sites and videos
  • The confidentiality of visits to these “sensitive” pages
  • The purchase of content

Jimizz Intervenes at all these Levels


The Interest of Cryptocurrency in the World of X
Above all, it should be remembered that the Jacquie & Michel group constitutes a vast network in the world of X.

This includes some thirty specialized and themed websites. There is also the production label and the TV channel, not to mention the 2 magazines that are sold at newsstands.

The crypto set up by Jacquie & Michel will revolve around these offers, benefiting both the group and its loyal users. This is not only a monetization of available content, but much more.

Various functionalities can be implemented. These take into account both designers, consumers and interested investors. Regarding the crypto itself, it will be available from the entire Jacquie & Michel ecosystem (also including partners).

All About Jimizz

Jimizz is one of those BEP20 tokens that will have various uses:

Staking via a passbook X (smart contract on the blockchain) in order to obtain interest
Club 69 bringing together the owners of one or more of the 69 NFTs that will be available on the brand’s NFT marketplace and giving access to multiple advantages (percentage, access, privileges on cryptocurrency).

  • Marketplace for adults dedicated to the exchange of various adult products and values ​​(accessories, content, autographed objects, etc.) and which should be developed immediately after the ICO
  • Breeding NFT and gamification of K-hard Game (game of more or less rare cards)
  • Cum-unity, a crowdfunding system linking creators and funders (including JMZ owners)
  • DAO or decentralized autonomous organization which grants responsibility and power to JMZ holders without however having the possibility of influencing the economics of the project
  • Metaverse for adults where it is possible to evolve in a totally anonymous way.

A More Interesting Alternative to JMZ: Lucky Block

On paper, Jimizz looks like a promising cryptocurrency. However, there is a major snag for many investors. It is simply the universe around which this token revolves. In this case the X or porn for insiders.

Many investors risk missing out on the project because of this theme, which is still considered taboo for some. Even if confidentiality is one of the spearheads of Jacquie and Michel Crypto Monnaie. Fortunately, there are cryptos that cover less sensitive and even playful areas.


Introducing Lucky Block – Jacquie and Michel Crypto Currency


Lucky Block is based on a unique system: the crypto lottery. It will offer a lottery system where everyone is a winner. Whether it is the holders of LBLOCK (native token of the project) or the players (those who will buy the tickets).

With Lucky Block, the watchwords are transparency and fairness. On the one hand, all transactions are traceable on the blockchain. On the other hand, everyone has a chance to win. Added to all this is an even more important element: the team behind the project is solid and the references confirm the reliability of Lucky Block.



Another major asset of Lucky Block lies in the fact that an essential phase of the project was carried out with great success . These include the presale which started at the beginning of December 2021 and which ended earlier than expected towards the end of January 2022. Indeed, all the available tokens have been sold.

The LBLOCK token was then listed, notably with PancakeSwap on January 26, 2022. At the beginning of February 2022, its value reached $0.0022, which corresponds to a gain of 1467% compared to compared to its price during the presale. Today the token is also listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and other industry benchmarks should soon be added to this list.




Many other milestones will be materialized over time. One of the most anticipated events is arguably Lucky Block’s first draw which is scheduled for March 25, 2022. In the meantime, the project’s CEO – Scott Ryder – has shared a powerful message via Telegram. Currently, the prize pool has already passed the million dollar mark . And this amount will undoubtedly increase further until the expected date.


Conclusion: JMZ Or Lucky Block?


Crypto from Jacquie & Michel is a project that inevitably arouses interest. Moreover, the world of X easily attracts the curious. Nevertheless, it is still in the start-up phase and the topic discussed could repel some investors. Yet, there are other cryptos that cover more playful areas and have some promises that have already materialized. Of course, the most daring can follow JMZ. In the meantime, it is more interesting to turn to projects that have already advanced, such as Lucky Block .

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