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JPMorgan officially invests in the TRM Labs blockchain

JP Morgan joins all banks investing in blockchain.

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It’s official: JPMorgan Chase & Co joins the long list of TRM Labs blockchain investors. It is clear that blockchains have become very attractive for all categories of players on the market. Public or private, small or international, any structure now wishes to invest in it and reap its share.


We guide you through the maze of these new kinds of investments and collaborations through 3 axes:

  1. Blockchain TRM Labs, what is it?
  2. JPMorgan joins TRM Labs investor list
  3. Revealing the ambitions of financial institutions?

Blockchain TRM Labs, What Is It?


The TRM Labs blockchain is first and foremost known for its anti-money laundering actions . This blockchain stands out as a solution for the careful monitoring of all types of transactions. Operational risk management is also part of its skills.

In order to guarantee its effectiveness, it is based on nearly 80 different risk categories. This proactivity makes the TRM Labs blockchain a particularly popular control tool for companies and institutions. It assigns each risk a label of dangerousness, ranking them from lowest to highest.

For its development, it has notably collaborated with various leading cryptocurrency companies. We can mention FTX US or Circle. Beyond these collaborations, it is worth pointing out that the TRM Labs blockchain is directly integrated into some well-known blockchain platforms. The most telling example is that of Solana, for which TRM Labs provides significant risk management. In addition, it provides a guarantee of development security for any future crypto project.

Indeed, the explosion of cryptocurrency goes hand in hand with that of crime. Whether real or virtual, this crime has a definite impact on projects in all sectors.

Crypto professionals but also traditional financiers are turning to blockchains to analyze, monitor and secure their digital assets.


JPMorgan Joins TRM Labs Investor List


Through a press release published by TRM Labs, JPMorgan’s stake was made official. Like many financial companies before it, JPMorgan finds its account. Its interest lies in the advanced transaction analysis and risk management technology provided by the blockchain.

Umar Farooq, one of the CEOs of JPMorgan, has highlighted his desire to rely on the TRM Labs blockchain to support the growth of the crypto economy and promote the secure use of cryptocurrencies

TRM Labs CEO Esteban Castaño commented on this formalization: “I think it reveals that financial institutions are not just buying crypto and possible use cases, but innovation to mitigate the associated risks. »

In addition to TRM Labs, it is true that JPMorgan stands out as a modern investor. Also recently, JPMorgan stood out as the first bank to join the famous Metaverse Decentraland (MANA). In more detail, the bank has opened a full-fledged storefront in this metaverse. Its blockchain division Onyx is behind this.

Among the long list of investors that TRM Labs can rely on, include American Express, Visa and Paypal. These leading investors have joined the TRM Labs blockchain through the $60 million Series B funding round led by Tiger Global.


Revealing The Ambitions Of Financial Institutions?


Gone are the days when cryptocurrencies and blockchains were seen as an elusive science fiction phenomenon.

One figure speaks for itself: 55 of the 100 largest global banks have already invested in these cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

On the scale of France, BNP Paribas is the first French bank in the ranking. It displays nearly 240 million dollars invested in several niches such as METRON, TradelX, Komogo or R3.

From the beginnings of cryptocurrencies, financial institutions have been attracted by the scope that they had in terms of capital appreciation and meeting new customer needs. The new financial regulations that appeared in 2020 allowing banks to offer cryptocurrency asset management solutions have accentuated this.

The interest of financial institutions in the crypto universe is therefore not new, but seems to be accelerating lately. This significant acceleration of investments is of course very revealing of the ambitions of these institutions.

Crypto markets are constantly accelerating, and so are the needs for risk analysis and prevention. This is where blockchains such as TRM Labs play a decisive role. The ambition of financial institutions is thus fully in line with this line, for optimal management of both threats and opportunities.

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