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Justin Bieber invades the NFT sector

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Pop star Justin Bieber has always been a strong supporter of NFT projects. Over the years, he has amassed a nice collection of NFT Doodles and shares them regularly on social networks, especially on Instagram. With more than 2,000 NFTs at his disposal, the singer clearly shows his support for the world of NFTs.

A rich collection of 2,000 NFTs


Recently, Justin Bieber posted the photo of his Doodles NFTs by tagging @welikethedoodles on Instagram. This is not the first time, since since the beginning of the year, the singer has largely demonstrated his interest in NFTs . It started with one of @inBetweeners’ signed NFTs being used as a profile picture on Twitter.

He also treated himself to a Bored Ape for around 500 ETH, or roughly $13 million. Since then, he has opened an account on Opensea to store his collection of more than 2,000 NFTs. On behalf of JustinBieberNFTs, the collection includes, among others, NFTs signed by AzukiNFT, CloneX, Murakami Flowers and World of Women.

A collection including over 10,000 NFT Doodles


Justin chose to post an NFT project on Instagram which is signed by artist Scott Martin, also known as Burnt Toast. Created in collaboration with blockchain builder Jordan Castro and NFT consultant Evan Keast, the collection from which this Doodle comes, has over 10,000 Doodles. It has enjoyed great success since its launch.

Hand-drawn Doodles feature famous mascots, cats, skellys, aliens and monkeys. The collection of Doodles NFT also includes various heads, costumes, accessories as well as various rare colors signed by the artist.

A very complete ecosystem


The success of the NFT Doodles collection is mainly related to their hype and relatively “cute” design. Note that beyond this minimalist aesthetic, the NFT project contributes to the community. It This, through the organization of various IRL events, including the one that took place last February during the SXSW in Austin, Texas.

The team behind the NFT project has also created Space Doodles NFTs. They allow their holders to claim their own spacecraft. It is interesting to remember that the project has created a real ecosystem. In particular by creating his own Web3 DAO, the Doodlebank. Finally, you should know that a marketplace is thus available where collectors can find a whole range of derivative products.

The endorsement of celebrities such as Justin Bieber only increases the popularity of Burnt Toast’s creations. Moreover, this success is well deserved.

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