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Metalaw is born, a community of jurists to ensure rights in the metaverses

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Metalaw, the community to ensure rights in the metaverses, has managed to add 923 people (mostly jurists) in one week. Metalaw arises from the need to deal with all aspects susceptible to regulation and conflicts of interest in the metaverses. Virtual worlds where almost all aspects of physical reality are replicated with all their complexity, even when, of course, taking new forms and requiring new solutions.


Metalaw, rights in the metaverses


Metalaw’s goal is to become a consultative entity for metaverse developer companies, as well as for companies or individuals who wish to develop projects in them. The Metalaw Community is a space for free opinion, where you can share knowledge and conduct research with interdisciplinary groups, launching a specialized collective intelligence.  The foundations of respect and freedom of opinion are essential. The participation of jurists and technologists is essential to be able to generate a broad debate on the impact of Law in this new scenario, as well as, in the opposite direction, on the impact of this new virtual reality on Law.

To reflect on such projections of the metaverses, the Community has created different areas of work, registering in them the people specialized in them. Currently, the working groups are: Personal Data Protection, Consumer Law, AML (Anti-Money Laundering Regulations). Computer Crimes, Digital Identity, Conflict Resolution, Labor Law, Human Rights, Fintech, Intellectual Property. Fiscal/Tax, Basic aspects of the metaverse concept, Real Estate, Defense of competition, Play to Earn, Regulatory and competent Jurisdiction, among others. 


Meetup In Metaverse


The Metalaw Community has channels on Telegram and Discord.  Therefore, anyone who wishes to participate in any of the areas mentioned can do so by joining them on Discord, which is where the working groups are. The Metalaw Community will host the first smart contract event on Discord tomorrow. Likewise, the Metalaw Community will hold a meetup in the metaverse to present its functions and objectives. The Musure World platform has been the first to establish contact with Metalaw.

Metalaw is an initiative of Agustina Perez Comenale, Federico Ast, Sebastián Heredia, Juan Corvalan and Covadonga Fernández. Similarly, several members of the Community have shown their willingness to work and lead each of the areas created. Metalaw has the support of Kleros MontevideoLegal Hackers, and IALAB UBA. 

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