When getting acquainted with exchanges, beginners often have questions: which popular wallet to choose for storing cryptocurrency, as well as how to replenish the balance and withdraw funds. By far, MetaMask and TrustWallet are currently the most popular wallets.


Comparing the main parameters of the most popular MetaMask and TrustWallet wallets will help you better evaluate their advantages and disadvantages in order to choose the most suitable one.



You can add any token to TrustWallet. To do this, you need to copy the contract address on CoinMarketCap and paste it into the interface. The procedure is elementary, but with a large number of transactions it can take a lot of time.

Also, at the address of the contract, the token can be added to MetaMask, including the one that the user personally created. The choice of wallet depends only on the goals of the user.

From the point of view of the convenience of the wallet interface, TrustWallet is preferable, the main advantage is the visual display of the current price. The value of digital assets in MetaMask will have to be checked separately on the exchange.

In terms of functionality, TrustWallet is more suitable for a beginner. If a trader already knows how to pass verification, or is an advanced user (as well as the creator of personal projects), using MetaMask is likely to be more convenient.

Working with decentralized exchanges – which wallet should I register?


To exchange, stake coins and participate in ICO on these platforms, you cannot do without creating a personal wallet. When adding TrustWallet via PC, users often have problems with subsequent verification in the mobile application.

MetaMask has a special browser extension that greatly simplifies the process. After installing it, a special window appears in the browser where you should click the start button. This improvement makes MetaMask more convenient for most exchanges to trade than TrustWallet.

Popularity and development

By the end of 2021, the TrustWallet cryptocurrency wallet was used by about 20-22 million people. The audience of MetaMask users is much smaller. The community of the latter is about 15 million users; no information has been received about the forthcoming development of the functionality in the near future.

Unlike MetaMask, the creators of TrustWallet announced their intention to implement many projects. TWT token launched. In one year, its rate rose from $0.09 to $1, which brought investors more than 1,000% profit.



When deciding which of the two wallets to register for long-term storage of cryptocurrency, I recommend choosing TrustWallet. It outperforms MetaMask in terms of convenience, reliability, and a number of indicators.