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Metaverse: Will Apple finally launch?

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At the end of last week, on the occasion of the publication of quarterly figures from Apple, Tim Cook, CEO of the famous Apple brand, indicated that the company was interested in the universe of the metaverse. And could invest in it as soon as possible.Widely brought to light last October after Facebook’s name change to Meta, the metaverse sector is attracting the world’s biggest companies. It must be said that the potential for development and the range of possibilities in this universe seems infinite.

Apple: A Real Interest In The Metaverse?

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has fundamentally changed the metaverse industry. From a vague opportunity for the future for businesses, the sector has become a priority area of ​​development for many firms. And the announcement effects continue to work on this word which has become a “buzzword” like the name “NFT”. When asked about the opportunities in this booming sector, Tim Cook offered the following response:

We are an innovation company so we are always exploring new and emerging technologies and I have spoken at length about our interest in these technologies at this time.

Aware of the potential of the metaverse sector, the Apple CEO also recalled that the company already offers more than 14,000 augmented reality applications via its App Store.

Anyway, Apple is already currently developing a dedicated headset. But it seems that it is focused on video games and access to content rather than a desire to create a central product in a metaverse development strategy.

What Impact On Apple’s Share Price?

The announcement of this news has apparently played favorably on Apple’s share price. The following graph, visible on the Tradingview platform, shows the evolution of the action over the last 5 days:

Between January 25 and 27, the asset remained relatively stable. As we see on the chart, the January 27 earnings conference changed everything, pushing the asset from $160 to over $170. As of this writing, Apple stock is trading against $173.26, up nearly 10% over the past 5 sessions.

A finding that remains to be qualified, however. Indeed, during this quarterly balance sheet presentation conference, the Apple firm presented record figures. Thus, the most prolific quarter in history for the Californian company was notably reflected in a turnover of 124 billion dollars in this first quarter alone, up 11% compared to Q1 2021.

Apple: A Strong Competitor For Meta?

For the time being, the investment of the two firms is far from being identical. If Meta has decided to focus its strategy on the development of the metaverse, an initiative symbolized by the name change, Apple’s interest seems not to go beyond the stage of curiosity. The firm obviously keeps a close eye on the development of the sector but it does not seem to make it a priority.

Either way, Apple has a massive punch if it wants to grow in the metaverse. Valued at 2,800 billion dollars, the company is the second-largest group in the world behind the national hydrocarbon company Saudi Aramco. So if Apple wants, Apple can. Tim Cook also indicated that the American brand could quickly “invest accordingly” in the sector. Out of real convictions or simply to catch up on Meta and Microsoft?

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