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NFT: A source of funding for the presidential campaign?

By announcing the sale of NFT to finance his campaign, Gaspard Koenig brings novelty at the same time as he arouses the curiosity of cryptophiles. A winning publicity stunt or a real way to finance yourself? 

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Really absent from the public debate, digital assets enter the presidential campaign in an astonishing way and with the help of Gaspard Koenig.


Who Is Gaspard Koenig?


Gaspard Koenig is a French novelist, philosopher and essayist. Supporter of Emmanuel Macron during the 2017 presidential election, he is a supporter of classic liberalism. In this 2022 campaign, he is campaigning without a political label. He made a name for himself in particular for his proposals for simplifying public life. Thus, via his “Simple” movement founded in 2021, he proposes in particular to divide the number of legislative standards by one hundred.

In the field of digital assets, he was the first candidate to respond to the call of the start-up Ledger, one of the two French unicorns in the digital asset sector. During the visit to the premises of the French company and its “Dungeon”, the leaders of the company were able to exchange with the candidate on the liberal philosophy of cryptos.


NFT: A Triple Blow Operation For Gaspard Koenig


This operation could therefore be interesting in several respects for the candidate philosopher. Indeed, the sale of NFT could bring a financial windfall to the party while allowing it a good media exposure. In this way, Gaspard Koenig could also attract the sympathy of a cryptophile electorate, sometimes disillusioned with the absence of public debate on the question of digital assets and the delay taken by politicians on these subjects.

In detail, the NFTs put up for sale by Gaspard Koenig take up the central themes of his campaign such as the right to life, universal income or the legalization of cannabis. In all, 200 NFTs were marketed at a price of 20 euros, as indicated by Delphine Granier, the deputy general manager of the “Simple” movement. Among this collection, some NFTs will take up personality traits of the liberal candidate. The sale should take place in 4 series, it could bring in nearly 15,000 euros for the movement.

The initiative should be validated by the National Commission for Campaign Accounts. Indeed, the sale seems to have the label of the marketing of derivative products rather than that of donations to a political party. If a similar initiative has already taken place in South Korea last January, the approach remains innovative in France but also on the scale of Europe.

How To Buy Gaspard Koenig’s NFTs?


For the commercialization of NFTs, the Simple movement has partnered with the start-up Delph. This will take 6% of the amount of each sale. From a technical point of view, the NFTs will be issued on the Polygon blockchain, one of the most popular Ethereum second layer protocols.

The NFT collection is available since yesterday on the Delph marketplace, set up especially for this occasion. Note that it is possible to buy these NFTs by credit card via the platform. To store the non-fungible tokens, users will need to have a compatible digital wallet like Frame or Metamask.

Will Other Candidates Follow Suit?


It’s hard to tell. Nevertheless, it seems that the initiative is more a publicity stunt than a real desire to finance his campaign.

A presidential campaign rarely costs the candidates less than one million euros. The manna that the party could reap will remain relatively modest in comparison to the total sum to be invested. In terms of visibility, this could nevertheless be a very big advantage when the candidate seems to be in difficulty with regard to the harvest of the 500 sponsorships of elected officials.

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