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NFT News: How to Buy Lucky Block’s Limited NFT Collection?

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The crypto lottery platform, which posted a market capitalization of $530 million on March 8, has just confirmed the exclusive launch of its first NFT collection. The 10,000 limited edition pieces will thus be offered for sale from today.


High Valuation For Lucky Block’s NFT Collection


Highly anticipated by fans of the crypto lottery platform, the collection will be available from today, Friday, March 11. Lucky Block hopes that this launch will enjoy the same success as its LBLOCK tokens during the January presale. Remember that the first buyers of LBLOCK received a return of more than 70% on their initial investment.

If the 10,000 NFT coins thus come to flow just as quickly as the LBLOCK tokens, then it is possible to expect such a high valuation. It is known that the price of LBLOCK during the presale was 0.000 15 and it reached $0.01 in less than 3 weeks. The buyers were thus able to obtain a return of 6,566% by investing $1,000 and subsequently recovering more than $100,000. Even after the sharp decline noted on March 8, their investment is still worth more than $53,000.

Lifetime Entry Into NFT Lottery Draws


Another good reason to buy NFTs from Lucky Block relates to their value in use. The purchase of one of the 10,000 NFTs that make up the collection comes with a bonus for users. They earn lifetime participation in Lucky Block’s daily NFT lottery draws.

Each NFT thus represents a chance in 10,000 of winning. For the lucky ones who win one of the 25 rare collectible NFTs whose number matches the winning ticket, they will see the jackpot amount doubled.


How To Buy NFTs From Lucky Block?


Lucky Block’s NFTs are available on the new NFT Marketplace.

Going back to buying the NFT collection from Lucky Block, one will first need to have Wrapped BNB (WBNB). This token is notably available on most exchanges.

The collection will be available for purchase from today, March 11, 2022. It includes 10,000 NFT coins, including 25 rare ones, and stands as a most profitable opportunity not to be missed. Then will follow the first drawing of the Lucky Block lottery which should take place on March 25th. With a lottery pool valued at $5.5 million for prizes, the crypto lottery platform is well on its way to boosting its business.

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