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NFTs arrive in supermarkets to attract younger consumers

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NFTs are hitting supermarket shelves to appeal to younger consumers. One of the main convenience store chains in South Korea, CU, launched a collection of NFTs on the 14th. The idea was to celebrate White Day, a kind of replica of Valentine’s Day. The collection is made up of 314 units made from three designs by the artist LayLay and, in order to participate in the event in which the elements of this collection were launched, you had to have made a purchase in the store. In total, more than 20,000 applications were received to participate in the event that gave access to NFTs, Forkast reports. 

NFT supermarkets


White Day is celebrated in Japan and Korea a month after Valentine’s Day, having the same romantic meaning. The peculiarity is that it is now the men, who received a chocolate from their partners last Valentine’s Day, who make a small gift, a souvenir.

The NFT that received the most requests was Candy Lover. However, only one in seventy-three requests of this type could be satisfied.

Nearly two-thirds of applicants were between the ages of 20 and 30. A group in which half of the crypto traders of the eastern country are found. A population sector to which this convenience store has already directed campaigns before. Thus, with the company MiL.k, it carried out a campaign in which the buyers of a certain line of sandwiches obtained a token. Well, CU experienced a 37.4% increase in the sale of these sandwiches during the time the campaign lasted.

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