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NFTs enter the Ukraine war as a representation of history

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The Ukrainian government will issue a collection of NFTs with which to obtain funds to obtain war material. The proceeds from the collection, like that derived from the rest of the crypto assets, will be used to obtain military equipment used during war, excluding weapons. These are helmets, bulletproof vests, walki-talkies, medicines, “tupperware”, etc., according to Alex Bornyakov, delegate of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, on his Twitter account. In the tweet, thanking the money received, he assures that: “Each helmet and vest purchased through crypto donations is currently saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.”



NFT in the Ukraine war


In addition to fundraising, Bornyakov points out, in statements to the British newspaper The Guardian, that the launch of these NFTs has the function of marking the history of this Russian invasion. Digital art as fixation of historical events. Each NFT becomes a representation of history


It must be remembered that on March 1, a week after the Russian invasion, Crypto Punk #5364 was donated through its transfer to the wallet that Ukraine has made available for these donations and those of cryptocurrencies. It is a figure from the famous collection dressed in a cap and smoking. The DeepNFTvalue blog, specialized in estimating the value of NFTs, estimated their price at more than 200,000 US dollars, due to the sense that their acquisition acquires. The last time it experienced a transaction, February 2021, its price was 31,300 US dollars.

More than 63 million dollars in crypto assets


It should be underlined, both the flow of crypto solidarity with the country, especially through the current of cryptocurrencies, and the direct help that the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation is receiving from experts in the crypto ecosystem, to manage them. The total funds received by the Ukrainian government in crypto form already exceeds 63 million dollars, according to data from the Elliptic firm , updated on March 11.


To this help, we must add that of some volunteer hackers from the Anonymus collective. They have been the ones who have shut out some Russian websites, like Russia Today’s, through traffic bombing.

About this digital war, Bornyakov told the London newspaper that Ukraine has started it with the beginning of the invasion; but that the Kremlin has been executing it for years. A Russian action that, especially in these times of war, has placed the alarm services of public institutions, corporations and Western banks at the highest levels of alarm.

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