What are the objectives of the roadmap (Roadmap) of crypto projects and does each project need a roadmap? These questions sooner or later developers ask themselves at the planning stage. Sometimes, in order to save time and resources, some teams initially deny its importance. However, practice shows that without it, the progress of projects will go at a slower pace.

It is important for teams of cryptocurrency projects to know in which direction to move and what to focus on in their progress. And it is important for the cryptocurrency community to know what a cryptocurrency project is and what are its development plans.

On the one hand, roadmaps are a beacon showing the team the planned direction of development. On the other hand, for community projects, the roadmap shows the aspirations of the team. Thus, it inspires a certain degree of confidence in the project.

Differences from other project supporting documents


For themselves and for their communities, project teams create roadmaps, plans, white papers, and other supporting documents. Plans are used to specify the steps required for development. Moreover, different plans are used for different directions.

For example, a plan for development in social networks, a plan for communication and establishing links with other projects, a plan for a specific period of time. This is a more precise designation of specific steps to achieve goals in different directions.

Unlike the roadmap, the roadmap is quite simple and lacks details. Roadmaps reveal the overall direction and path a project is taking. They can also show the progress of a project over a certain period of time.

White Paper is a more complex document that displays all the basic information for a potential audience. Moreover, it can be presented on 5–30 pages and contains the most complete information about the goals, plans, and tasks of projects.

Firstly, in order to make an investment decision, an investor is interested in the path that the project has already passed and what it focuses on in the future. This should be a general scheme for promoting a crypto project and introducing updates and improvements to it. These tasks are solved by the roadmap of the cryptocurrency project. 

In addition, this is a convenient way to influence the expectations of investors in projects. The roadmap arouses the interest of potential and current investors. She also broadcasts to them the future plans of the cryptocurrency project.

In addition, an important task of the Roadmap is to coordinate the internal activities of the team and its interaction with other projects.

So don’t skimp on the roadmap. It performs a rather important function for the development of projects. Moreover, now there are many auxiliary programs for easy roadmap compilation, for example, GanttPRO, ProductPlan, ProdPad, ClickUp, Roadmap Planner and other special programs.