If at any time in our lives we have needed to save petrol, it is precisely this.

We are not going to delve much into the subject because we all know that several states in Nigeria are currently experiencing a fuel shortage and in order not to suffer from this problem, a good option is to start optimizing the use of gasoline in our car.

And this is exactly where we ask ourselves… how? If the most normal thing to do when driving in the city is: start the car, accelerate, brake and that’s it.

Well, the trick is precisely in this dynamic. The truth is that it is very easy.

With small modifications in our way of driving we can see a quite significant improvement that will end up allowing us to save gasoline, whether your car is automatic or standard.

The time has come to take out a pen and paper and take notes because with these simple tips we are going to hit the shortage.

Let’s start!

Reduce the weight of your vehicle

This is one of the easiest tips to save petrol and that will positively impact the car’s fuel consumption.

The more weight your vehicle has, the more power it needs to move it and that power is obtained from combustion, which means that it has to use more fuel to carry out the action.

So, the best thing we can do is get those toys, gossip, or boxes that we’ve been carrying around for weeks out of the trunk.

Your gas tank will thank you.

Czech rims

Damn, it’s not a joke! Correct tire pressure helps save gas.

Keeping tire pressure at recommended levels has been proven to help lower fuel consumption by 2 to 4 percent.

So run to see what happens with the tires of your car because you may be losing some money.

Brake, speed up, brake, speed up… are you one of those people who just turns green and you step on the accelerator?

Hold speed


Accelerating and braking in tight spaces also increases gas mileage. If you want to save, it is advisable to do it with caution and if the traffic moves forward, then yes, speed up.

If you are in the middle of a traffic jam it is not such a good idea.


Car windows up


This trick to save fuel is a classic and an urban legend that is true!

It turns out that if you drive with the windows down, your car’s resistance to the wind is greater and your car needs more power to move.

Do you remember what we talked about in the first point, about higher power, higher combustion and higher fuel consumption?

This rule does not apply much to driving around the city, but if you travel on the highway it means good gas savings.

Extra: Air conditioning

If you want to save petrol, you must turn off the air conditioning, says the saying we just invented.

This tip obviously applies more to cities where it is not so hot and turning on the car’s air conditioning becomes a luxury that in times of shortage we may have to avoid.

It turns out that running your car’s air conditioning system also needs more power, and yes… the higher the power, the higher the combustion and the higher the cost.

As you can see, saving gasoline can be a fairly simple task. If we combine all these tips, the savings can actually be quite significant.

Other tips to save gas:

1) You always have other alternatives, such as organizing with neighbors or coworkers who live nearby and can travel in a single vehicle.
Maybe it’s a good idea to take turns week by week and then both of you will end up saving.
2) If you live near your work, it is convenient to plan a few days a week to walk or take a public means of transport, if you can’t work. 
Your pocket will appreciate it, but the environment will appreciate it more.
3) Use GPS to get around. We know you know the route like no one else, but is it the shortest route or the one with the least traffic?

The applications have as an algorithm the power of decision on several factors, and include traffic and distance in them. Maybe it’s a good idea to try them out and see how they work.

What other techniques do you use to save fuel?