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Samsung becomes the first major consumer brand to create a private NFT club for customers

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Samsung is the first major consumer brand to create a private NFT club for its customers. It’s building it on ThetaDrop, the NFT marketplace built by Theta Labs. Samsung will launch its first collection of NFTs on ThetaDrop. In addition, the electronics multinational will surprise its users in South Korea by giving away NFTs for the reservation and advance order of its new products: Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Tablet S8.

The news has been announced by Mitch Liu, founder and CEO of Theta Labs, which will collaborate with Samsung in the creation and minting of NFTs. According to Liu, Samsung will create a private club with the NFTs, similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where users can enjoy exclusive perks and benefits on an ongoing basis.


Samsung and its private NFT club


Samsung’s new next-generation devices will be the brand’s new flagship and to celebrate its launch, Theta Labs has prepared a commemorative NFT collection. Each of Samsung’s NFTs will be minted randomly after the reservation period for new devices has ended.


Eligible Samsung customers will receive an exclusive code through the “Samsung Members” app. With the code, they will be able to access Theta Labs’ NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop. To claim and receive a free NFT container from their new devices, Theta Labs explained. NFT containers will remain closed until the end of the reservation period, which is when customers can unlock and discover their new NFTs. 


ThetaDrop, the NFT marketplace from Theta Labs 


Theta Labs has been a pioneer in bringing blockchain technology to the streaming and entertainment industry through its Theta Network blockchain. Since its inception, the company has been focused on providing live streaming services on the blockchain, aiming at decentralization as its ultimate goal. Now, Theta Labs wants to venture into the world of digital collectibles. To do this, it has created its own ThetaDrop NFT marketplace platform, launched last year. NFT collections from World Poker Tour, Katy Perry, Entain Group (partypoker), Jukin Media, and Fuse Media are some of the ones on display at this NFT marketplace. 


Through ThetaDrop, Theta Labs wants to focus on the esports, gaming and entertainment industry. The NFT market allows for the efficient and sustainable minting of non-fungible tokens, thanks to its being built on a Proof of Stake (PoS) platform. 


Resorts World Las Vegas


Theta Labs has also been adding value to its ecosystem and users through important alliances. Like the one recently held with the Resorts World Las Vegas casino complex, which will launch its first NFT collection in collaboration with the blockchain company. A partnership with Decentral Games has also brought Theta Network’s live streams into the Metaverse. 

The company also has innovative products and services. Like Theta.TV and Theta Video API, with which it continues to build its complete ecosystem of next-generation live streaming and entertainment.


Samsung and blockchain


On the other hand, Samsung has been participating in the crypto/blockchain industry for some time now. The company develops a long-term relationship with Theta Labs. Samsung has been collaborating with this company since 2020, when it started integrating Theta Network blockchain streaming into its mobiles. In addition to this, Samsung made its smartphones into real crypto-fiat banks. Integrating functions for trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, mobile banking and more, together with a high security chip, to guarantee the protection of users in case of malicious apps or hack attempts.

The electronics company is also bringing the world of NFTs to millions of homes through its new televisions. The 2022, Micro LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle models incorporate an NFT aggregation platform. The platform works as a marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs from their devices without leaving their homes. 


In the age of Web 3, where cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain and metaverses are paramount, Samsung has said it wants to create the biggest, boldest and most versatile products ever. The Theta Labs CEO noted that his recent collaboration with Samsung exemplifies the current state of global blockchain adoption. 

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