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Seat Cupra and Mediapro come together to create the Metahype metaverse

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Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Seat Cupra, today announced the creation of the Metahype metaverse in collaboration with Visyon, owned by the Mediapro Group. In a virtual meeting with journalists, Griffiths referred to Cupra as more than just a car brand and reported that the launch of Metahype is scheduled for the second half of this year. The person in charge of Cupra considers that the new virtual world has an enormous capacity to generate business.

The possibilities of Metahype, according to Griffiths, are as great as those of the internet in its day. Therefore, he believes that the winners will be the first to make moves in this regard. For the CEO of Cupra, Metahype offers a great opportunity to mix the virtual world with that of motorsport.

Seat Cupra, Mediapro and met averse

Cupra, as reported by Europa Press, has developed Metahype with Visyon, a company specializing in the development of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), acquired by Mediapro in 2019. In fact, Visyon reports of Metahype’s creation in a post shared on his Linkedin profile. “It is the result of a journey that began with hybrid events and has evolved into the concept of the metaverse. A project full of passion, talent, effort, criticism and self-improvement”, indicates the company.

Cupra has explained that it will partner with brands such as Primavera Sound and Ubeat, a television channel and social profiles that offer entertainment content, eSports and video games. It has also announced a competition that consists of driving in the real world and that can be seen in the virtual world.

Griffiths’ commitment to the new virtual worlds has led him to post a photo of his avatar on the Linkedin social network, where he defines himself as a “rebel with a cause.” Griffiths has also announced the creation of an NFT of the Cupra Urban Rebel.

Extensive experience in virtual realities

Visyon has been working on the development of immersive technology solutions for several years. In 2020 he presented the design of audiovisual elements for the Al Dhaid Wildlife Center museum of fauna and flora, United Arab Emirates. According to Visual Integration, Visyon implemented 360º immersive projection experiences, recognition sensors, image recognition solutions and large-format projections. Pere Pérez, CEO of Visyon, then highlighted that immersive content can help modernize cultural venues and said that the Middle East was one of the company’s key areas of expansion.

Mediapro and Visyon have been working together on virtual realities for years. In fact, the agreement that Mediapro signed in 2018 with the United Arab Emirates Football League, to produce live streaming of Arabian Gulf League football matches in virtual reality, was carried out with Visyon.

Carmen Fernández, director of innovation and new businesses at Mediapro, advanced last year that the metaverses would be part of the company’s roadmap. She thus expressed it in the conference organized by Ametic at the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP), in Santander. Fernandez stressed that Mediapro’s goal is to equip itself with the necessary tools and talent to lead the “content revolution.”

Image Source: Visyon’s Linkedin profile
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