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Skybridge Capital predicts Bitcoin to get to $100,000 before the end of 2022

Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of Skybridge Capital, claimed last Friday that he believes Bitcoin could hit $100,000 in 2022. What's more, he is optimistic that the price of BTC could be $500,000 long term.

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In these complicated times for the markets, good news is rare. Also, it is important to share any encouraging information! For example, the founder of Skybridge Capital is very optimistic about the price of Bitcoin… in 2022!


Skybridge Capital Founder Sees Bitcoin At $100,000 In 2022…


Anthony Scaramucci is the founder of the firm Skybridge Capital. Before starting his own company, Anthony Scaramucci notably worked for Goldman Sachs between 1989 and 1996. More recently, he worked in the Trump administration. 

Last Friday, Anthony Scaramucci gave an interview during which he spoke about the future of Bitcoin. As a reminder, he had been among those who envisaged a Bitcoin price to be around $100,000 at the end of 2021.

According to him, the creation of the first Bitcoin ETFs should propel the price of BTC. Unfortunately, as we know, the price of Bitcoin ended in 2021 at around €40,000… If he admits he was wrong, he maintained his prediction of Bitcoin at $100,000 for 2022

“Will [Bitcoin] be able to reach it [$100,000 price] this year? Yes. Is it likely within the next two years? I am very confident. But there is work to be done in terms of regulations. – Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of Skybridge Capital.

… Then To $500,000?


But Anthony Scaramucci didn’t stop there! He also gave his views on Bitcoin’s long-term price. For him, it’s simple, Bitcoin could approach $500,000

“It’s going to be very volatile [the Bitcoin price]. There will be times when Bitcoin will crash, do -50%. (…) But if you take the height, you project yourself in the long term and look at history since its adoption, could Bitcoin reach half a million dollars? I think he can. – Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of Skybridge Capital

Despite the current economic climate, Anthony Scaramucci like other major crypto players remains optimistic. Moreover, for them, it is even the moment to buy cryptos given the low prices. For example, Anthony Scaramucci encourages investors to turn part of their paycheck into Bitcoin. His advice? He thinks it’s reasonable to convert between 1-4% of his paycheck into crypto

“I think you have to be part of it [crypto]. I think it would be a mistake to under-invest or invest nothing in blockchain and cryptocurrency. – Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of Skybridge Capital

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