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STEPN launches a first partnership with Asics

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For some time now, the STEPN project has been making a lot of noise. Riding the wave of NFTs, this move to earn allows its users to earn money by walking or running.

Innovative mechanics


We already knew the movement of play to earn allowing players to earn money on different video games. Axie Infinity was notably one of the most popular projects during the year 2021. You could generate income simply by playing a game, here by raising and fighting creatures. For STEPN, the idea is the same but applied to movement.

To do this, simply register on the application, buy a pair of sneakers in NFT and on each of your trips, you get the native tokens of the platform. Depending on the NFT you have, the characteristics of the shoe here, you will get more or fewer tokens. If your pair of sneakers have rare characteristics, you will get a bigger reward.

On STEPN, you generate GST, the platform’s utility token. It is the one that allows you to mint new shoes, repair them or even improve your pairs.

Once a certain level is reached, you will also get GMT, the governance token, which is limited in quantity. In particular, it allows you to participate in decisions concerning the development of the project.

For the time being, faced with the enthusiasm for the application, these tokens have made good progress and their value has soared. This is what allows you to have more than an interesting income for a simple race!

The application uses the location of your device to count your runs and walks. It rewards you based on your physical activity. A way to talk while earning money.

A first major partnership


With its increasingly massive adoption, STEPN does not intend to stop there. A first major partnership with the Japanese brand Asics has just been launched.

Everything will happen on the Launchpad of the exchange giant Binance through an IGO. An IGO is an Initial Game Offering, a process similar to ICO (Initial Coin Offering) but in the crypto video game sector. Thus, you will have the possibility of investing in a preview of this collection of NFT in a limited edition with Asics. There will be 4 different types of sneakers and to be able to get a pair, you have to register on the Binance Launchpad.

To do this, you will need to have held BNB, the Binance token, for some time in your account. You can then place its tokens to get a ticket and have the chance to buy an NFT from this expected collection. The price of each ticket is 0.5 BNB or about 210 dollars at the moment.

Apart from buying shoes, you will soon also be able to buy common and rare shoeboxes. Common shoeboxes will give you access to a common pair while rare boxes give you more chances to get a pair with interesting characteristics even if it is not 100% guaranteed. Registration will begin on April 16 followed by a draw phase and finally the distribution on April 19.

STEPN continues its development and takes an additional step thanks to this partnership with the giant Asics. Insistent rumors mention new partnerships to come, especially with Adidas. STEPN’s roadmap, on the other hand, bodes well for all platform users.

We will see in the coming months if the success of the application is confirmed. Will competitors be able to surpass STEPN in this new, rapidly developing move-to-earn market?




To be continued…

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