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The best tokens to buy on Pancakeswap exchange!

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Pancakeswap is a DeFi mainstay on the BSC network. Focus today is on the best type of cryptocurrency projects that can be purchased from this decentralized exchange.


1 – LuckyBlock (LBLOCK)


LuckyBlock has been available for several days on the Pancakeswap exchange. This is a solution that responds to the problems of traditional lottery games. By offering a 100% solution hosted on the blockchain, LuckyBlock provides a solution that is both more transparent and less expensive. In addition to this, the blockchain allows participation from players from all over the world.


The 100% blockchain lottery also makes it possible to better remunerate the winners. In addition, the LuckyBlock protocol has been articulated so that 10% of the winnings from each jackpot are redistributed to holders of the LBLOCK token. Hence the slogan frequently used by the platform: “ We pay you to play and we pay you not to play”. The platform has also decided to donate 10% of the amount of the jackpots to charities. And it is the holders of the LBLOCK token who can vote for the associations or causes they most want to support.


Since its launch and according to data from CoinMarketCap, the LBLOCK token has completely exploded: +456%. It thus went from 0.00086 to 0.004786 $ per unit at the time of writing these lines. Over the past 24 hours, the token is up more than 90%. Starting tomorrow, the token should be available on a new exchange:

  • Unit price: $0.004786
  • Marketcap: $155 million


2 – Pancakeswap (CAKE)


Pancakeswap  is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates under the Binance Smart Chain, unlike Uniswap which operates under the Ethereum network. The Pancakeswap exchange allows users to exchange (swap) BEP-20 compatible tokens with each other. But the exchange also offers other features to generate income with its crypto: liquidity pool, farming..


The platform also allows you to stake this token at a very attractive interest rate: 62.2% per year. A level that fluctuates according to the CAKEs staked on the platform. Via the staking of CAKE tokens, the user can be rewarded in CAKE or receive other cryptocurrencies.


The interest rates (APY) systematically depend on the cryptos offered as a reward. The token is currently trading away from its all-time high. At the end of April, the CAKE token had crossed the $40 threshold to reach a high point of $44.18 on April 30. From this all-time high, the token is now showing a price drop of more than 80%, which could be a good entry point.


  • Unit price: $8.03
  • Marketcap: $2.14 billion



3- Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is fequently touted as one of the most credible “Ethereum Killers” on the market, the Cardano blockchain and its native ADA token are also available on the Pancakeswap exchange.


Led by Charles Hoskinson, also known as the co-founder of the Ethereum network, Cardano stands out from the competition with its science-based approach to block chain. The Cardano ecosystem has often been touted as the best of both worlds between Bitcoin and the Ethereum network.


For many observers, despite a giant place (6th global project in terms of marketcap), it would still be interesting to invest in the Cardano ecosystem. Indeed, although the ecosystem is particularly well developed, Cardano is still very little involved in the development of decentralized finance.


For example, the project concentrates almost 100 times less financial resources than a network like Solana. If we stick to the unit price of the token, it still remains low compared to its highest historical level: $3.10, on September 10, 2021.

  • Unit price: $1.16
  • Marketcap: $38.9 billion


4- Binance Coin (BNB)


Like Bitcoin, Binance Coin (BNB) is one of the most bankable projects in the crypto universe. Despite the competition, the Binance platform still largely dominates the centralized exchange market ahead of other exchanges such as Coinbase or the Kraken platform. Behind ETH and BTC, BNB is the third crypto stronghold.

The BNB token at the heart of Binance’s project is currently down nearly 40% from its ATH recorded on May 10. Like the entire crypto market, the token has been experiencing renewed interest from investors for several days.

  • Unit price: $425.57
  • Marketcap: $70.1 billion


5 – Avalanche (AVAX)


The Avalanche project was one of the strong progress of the year 2021. Alongside other layer 1 blockchains like Solana. While the project posted a marketcap on the edge of the top 100 at the start of 2021, it is now a member of the top 10.


The Avalanche blockchain is also a potential Ethereum killer. It bases part of its attractiveness on scalability, one of the three axes of the blockchain triptych. Indeed, from its launch, Avalanche wanted to emphasize speed and the number of transactions per second.


Moreover, unlike Cardano, Avalanche is already very involved in the world of decentralized finance. With 11 billion dollars of TVL on the various DeFi protocols, the Avalanche blockchain is a heavyweight in this field. Among the main DeFi projects on this blockchain, we find AAVE but also, the DEX Trader Joe.


Unit price: $92.04

Marketcap: $22.4 billion

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