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The Dogecoin at war against memecoins!

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If the Dogecoin keeps its place as the supreme meme despite the competition of the Shiba Inu, the exponential increase of memecoins is for its founder a problem of the cryptosphere. Indeed, all its tokens that appear daily are far from the joke that is DogeCoin. They are only a tool of speculation so that their creator gets rich. Despite all these outsiders, Dogecoin retains its leading position. But for how long? The Shiba Inu and other Dogelon Mars wait impatiently to take the place of the eldest. The greater the technological advances of other blockchains, the tougher the competition between these community-based tokens will be.

  • Dogecoin versus memecoins
  • Who are the Dogecoin competitors? 
  • Should you invest in Dogecoin

Dogecoin, The Memecoin Adored By Elon Musk


Created in 2013, Dogecoin is an ancestor in the cryptosphere. Long alone in the domain of memecoins, the DOGE was created to make fun of all the useless cryptocurrencies that appeared. It was therefore a question of making one more but by claiming it. Unfortunately, this joke was too successful. After the Dogecoin bull rally in 2021 after a few tweets from Elon Musk declaring his love for this cryptocurrency, memecoins have multiplied. It would be impossible to list them all, their creation being almost daily. But Billy Markus, the co-founder of DOGE hates this situation. Its Twitter feed which is followed by more than a million subscribers is flooded with advertising for one or another of its tokens. Billy Markus has sort of had an overdose of his repetitive spam.


In fact for him, these memecoins “are made by people trying to get rich on the backs of other people trying to get rich”. In his denunciation, Billy Markus specifically targeted the BNB Smart Chain. This one is cluttered with all these useless memecoins. The ease of creating tokens has allowed a large number of projects to come out. But this had counterparts that tarnished the reputation of the BNB Smart Chain. Unlike all these memecoins, Dogecoin has its blockchain and therefore did not choose the easy way despite its joker side.

The Dogecoin Followed By The Shiba Inu And The Other Memecoins


Among all its memecoins, the Shiba Inu is the one that is the most serious competitor to DOGE. After its bullish rally, this DOGE killer even overtook its master for a few days. Despite the fairly significant drop in its price, it is not far behind. Unlike Dogecoin, Shiba Inu has a busy roadmap: NFT dedicated DEX, move to dedicated blockchain, DAO, metaverse. The Shiba goes through all the modes. But it seems to work for him. Its ability to renew itself encourages investors to position themselves on it.

Not to mention short-lived memecoins like Santa Floki which benefited from the Christmas spirit to boost its price, several other competitors could also make a push towards the top spots. Thus the Dogelon Mars is at the door of the top 100 since it donated part of its cash to a humanitarian association. Finally, the Floki Inu also benefits from a large community to support it.

What Perspective For The DOGE Course?


With all its elements, it is legitimate to wonder about the future of Dogecoin. Even though Billy Markus despises all of his memecoins, they could one day take the place of his creation. It can be seen that investors are not moving away from DOGE. Many altcoins have seen their price cut by 3 or 4 since November. Yet DOGE only suffered a 50% decline. It withstood the winds of market panic remarkably well. If it didn’t benefit from last night’s rally as strongly as altcoins with a similar capitalization, it has much less to catch up on.

Currently,y at 0.13 dollars, it is indeed far from its historic high of 0.68. But this one is to be put into perspective since it was linked to a series of tweets from Elon Musk. Its resistance zone is around $0.26/$0.3. We can therefore hope that its price increases by at least 100% if there is a new uptrend that sets in. Paradoxically and despite the absence of technical added value, Dogecoin does not seem ready to give its place at the top of the cryptocurrency ranking.

The ancestors of all memecoins, Dogecoin does not appreciate all its tokens that claim to be its name. Billy Markus is clear. His joke has nothing to do with the scams or illusions related to all these memetokens. Despite their regular onslaught, especially that of the Shiba Inu, the Dogecoin remains in its place. Somehow he has a seniority bonus that he is not about to lose.

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