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The future Tesla restaurant and cinema will accept Dogecoin

On Twitter, Elon Musk mentioned the Tesla project to create structures (cinema, restaurant, etc.) around its charging stations. But especially in the process, he declared that Dogecoin would be accepted there!

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Elon Musk used the tweet again to advertise the Dogecoin crypto! As we know, Elon is a big fan of DOGE. He has just announced that the meme coin will be accepted as a means of payment in the future Tesla restaurant and cinema.


Elon Musk is Still A Fan Of Dogecoin!


Tesla intends to develop an ecosystem around its electric charging sockets, the SuperChargers. The manufacturer thus has the project to create real leisure centers around the charging infrastructures. The idea will be to allow the user to go to the cinema or the restaurant while charging his Tesla. However, as Elon Musk tweeted, the manufacturer intends to accept Dogecoin in these centers. As a reminder, at present, Tesla already accepts Dogecoin for the purchase of peripheral products on its site.

Elon Musk’s announcement came on Twitter very often. It all started with a tweet from Ryan Zohoury. The tweet referred to the fact that the new Tesla charging station in Santa Monica, California was full, just 10 minutes after it opened. The remark obviously did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the whimsical American CEO.

Elon Musk responded to Ryan Zohoury’s tweet by indicating that soon, a futuristic “diner” restaurant and a cinema will be located there. Then, in a second tweet, Elon indicated that Dogecoin could be used!


Elon Musk did not detail the information further. Also, for the moment, it is difficult to know exactly whether payment in DOGE will be possible at the restaurant, at the cinema, or directly at the charging stations.

The Price Of Dogecoin


Even if the announcement lacks precision, the very tight-knit Dogecoin community-appreciated hearing Elon Musk on Twitter again! As we know, every intervention by Elon Musk on Dogecoin is immediately taken up by the crypto sphere. In addition, very often the tweet boosts the price of Dogecoin.

Failed this time! Indeed, this tweet did not have the desired effect. The fault of a very tense geopolitical context which takes everything with it, the stock market like that of cryptos. So after a weekend where most cryptos remained in the red, it is clear that the dynamic is unchanged on this Monday.

If the crypto Solana made a last stand noticed this morning by posting an increase, it has now returned to the ranks. And the Dogecoin in all this? Currently, the price of Dogecoin is €0.1207, down almost 8% over the last 7 days. Its capitalization in decline for several months places Dogecoin outside the world’s top 10

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