The mortgage loan is not only used to help you acquire the house of your dreams. In addition to building your family’s wealth, there are other hidden benefits of your mortgage that you should analyze before choosing the right bank. Learn more in this article.


Know well the hidden benefits of your mortgage before choosing a bank


In addition to getting a loan to buy the house of your dreams, there are other benefits that you should analyze before choosing a bank to process your mortgage loan. Each bank has its conditions and benefits, but here are some factors to keep in mind when you go to your bank representative:


Foreign residents


Some banks offer mortgage credit to buy a house in Nigeria even if you live abroad, particularly for those who live in Canada and the United States.

This is a great benefit for family members who stay in Nigeria, or if the person who processes the credit wants to build their assets in Nigeria from afar. Ask your bank what the conditions and benefits are for this specific profile.




What if you already have a house but what you need is liquidity? There are many other types of loans that you can process without the need to leave your home as collateral, however, if this is the option you have chosen, find out about the conditions, interest rate, terms, and other factors.


Online hiring


Many banks offer you the opportunity to contact your mortgage loans online. However, make sure you know all the details and have asked an account executive at the bank all the pertinent questions.

Once you have made a decision, you can do the process online without having to go back to the bank again.


Insurance supplemented with Leadway and other similar credits

Do you have LEADWAY insurance or similar credit opportunities? You can take advantage of them and compliment them with bank loans to reach larger sums and buy the house you have in mind.


Construction and remodeling


Mortgage loans are not only to buy existing houses, they are also used to finish the construction of your house, remodel a section of it or build something new on your property. Ask your bank about the conditions.