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The most expensive NFT collections: Axie Infinity is already the second, behind Meebits

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Meebits, Axie Infinity and CryptoPunk are the most expensive NFT collections today. Four years after its launch, blockchain game Axie Infinity’s NFT sales volume has surpassed $4.14 billion, according to data from DappRadar. Since last August, when it reached $1 billion in volume for the first time, NFT sales on Axie Infinity have grown by more than 400%. Meebits, developed by the creators of CryptoPunks, are 20,000 unique 3D characters. Precisely, the third most expensive collection is that of CryptoPunks.

Most expensive NFT collections



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Axie Infinity NFT Collection


Axie Infinity is a blockchain game, built on the Ethereum Ronin Network sidechain, that allows players from all over the world to earn money while playing. In just four years, its gaming ecosystem has brought together more than 3 million players. Many of them have found in Axie Infinity a new and fun way to earn a living. In 2021, the concept of “play to win”, promoted by Axie Infinity, became a trend in the crypto industry.

Axie Infinity’s NFTs are fantastical creatures that are used to team up and battle against other users within the platform. On its MarketPlace, the minimum selling price for these NFTs is around 0.009 ETH (about $25 USD currently). However, the price of these creatures varies depending on their abilities and attributes, so most of them are traded for more than $100 and $300 USD. 

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n the last week, Axie Infinity’s NFT sales volume exceeded $20 million. With almost 270,000 sales made within its marketplace and on secondary market platforms. This gives us an average sale of $740 USD. 


Axie Infinity: Origin


The renewed interest in Axie Infinity is related to the changes and improvements implemented by the developer company in the new game season, #20. Sky Mavis announced changes to the game structure of Axie Infinity to ensure a more balanced and fair ecosystem for all. The company recently reported that it will launch its new Origin gaming experience next month.

Axie Infinity: Origin will integrate new interfaces, game mechanics, art, special effects, storylines and much more, the company explained. All this, with the intention of facilitating a more accessible gaming ecosystem and growing its user base around the world. 

Virtual Earth in Axie Land


Sky Mavis plans to release Axie Land or Project K in several stages. The company reported that it will soon launch a first test phase of Axie Land in which users will be able to build and collect in the virtual land itself. The goal is to allow the construction of farms, cities and environments, where users can raise their axies, collect and trade resources and organize battles and tournaments. The testing phase of Axie Land will help developers to validate core land game systems to ensure proper operation and development. At first it will be limited to a group of selected users. In the future, Sky Mavis plans to release its own token based on virtual land.


More than 7% growth in 24 hours


Its native tokens, AXS and SLP, have appreciated by 7% and 14%, respectively, in the last 24 hours. AXS, the blockchain game governance token, is currently trading above $50.6 USD . Although AXS is well below its all-time high of $164 USD last November, its trading volume of over $300 million per day denotes investor interest in this project. 

On the other hand, SLP, Axie Infinity’s reward token, has seen significant growth in the last month. Since the company changed the earnings structure within the game to reduce the supply of this digital asset. To date, SLP is trading above $0.02 USD. I 

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