Blockchain is one of the fastest growing areas in digital technology. Blockchain technologies are already used in almost all areas of our life. In addition, this is evidenced by the rapid growth in the number of vacancies in this area. Therefore, some significant professions of the future in the field of the crypto industry can already be identified.

Blockchain Technology Engineers

These are, first of all, developers, programmers and IT specialists in the field of blockchain. Blockchain programmers create decentralized platforms and web applications, design the network and control it. Therefore, an engineer must be proficient in programming languages, navigate the principles of blockchain technology, have the skills to write smart contracts, and much more.

In addition, specialists in this field create software based on blockchain technology at the request of the customer company. In other words, the experts determine the functional needs of the enterprise and develop a blockchain application to solve them. A blockchain specialist can serve both cryptocurrency exchanges and various companies closely associated with blockchain technology.

Cyber Security Engineers


Meanwhile, in recent years, the number of cybercrimes has increased significantly. Information technology has entered all spheres of our life. Therefore, data and assets of governments, educational institutions, various large and small companies, financial institutions, utilities, etc. are subjected to hacker attacks.

Hackers use malware, phishing emails, and even artificial intelligence in their attacks. Therefore, engineers in this field must have experience with cryptographic algorithms, possess encryption skills, and control the operation of cryptoprotective tools.

All companies have cybersecurity experts on staff. Therefore, with an increase in the number of IT in various fields of activity, the demand for qualified specialists will only increase.

Blockchain Lawyer

This segment is so young and therefore legally not fully regulated. Therefore, market participants are increasingly faced with a lack of clear rules. As a result, more and more enterprises using blockchain technologies are looking for professional lawyers with narrowly focused qualifications. These lawyers accompany clients in all legal matters in the field of blockchain.

In addition, the tasks of lawyers specializing in blockchain technologies include analyzing blockchain projects for compliance with the law, protecting the client in the event of a claim from other market participants or the regulator, creating legal solutions in the field of finance and blockchain technology law, etc. .



So, we have considered the most significant professions of the future in the field of the crypto industry. Blockchain technology has become an integral part of almost all areas of activity. More and more companies see the limitless possibilities of blockchain technologies and implement them. In other words, blockchain specialists will be among the most in-demand in the future