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The price of the Valencia fan token explodes

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Cryptocurrencies and football are two areas that could only meet! From this meeting were born what are called fan tokens. These highly volatile tokens represent a new way for supporters to engage with their team. Recently, the Valencia fan token has seen its price explode. Back to this very dynamic token.


What is the Valencia fan token?


Fan tokens are tokens that exist in different sports. For example, they exist in Formula 1. The Alpine F1 team has recently developed its own token. In football, it’s the same thing, several clubs now have their own fan token.

For example, currently ,the following clubs have their token:

  • Paris Saint Germain Fan Token (PSG);
  • Manchester City Fan Token (CITY);
  • Barcelona Fan Token (BAR);
  • Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO);
  • Porto Fan Token (PORTO);
  • AC Milan Fan Token (ACM);
  • Atlético Madrid Fan Token (ATM);
  • Juventus Fan Token (JUV);
  • AS Roma Fan Token (ASR).

Fan tokens are a way to strengthen a supporter’s commitment to their club. If the principle is different from that of “socios” in Spain where supporters can become shareholders of the club, fan tokens grant exclusive privileges 

These tokens also make it possible to involve supporters in certain decisions. For example, Valencia fan token owners were recently able to vote for the sentence that should be written on the captain’s armband. Technically, most fan tokens run on the Chiliz blockchain 

The price of the Valencia fan token


The price of fan tokens depends partly on the results of the team. For example, when Paris Saint-Germain lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League, the price of the PSG fan token plummeted.

The price of the Valencia fan token (VCF) exploded on Monday, April 11, 2022. Thus, the price of VCF took over 125% in 24 hours. Likewise, his trading volume exploded by more than 7,150%! But why such an increase?

The Valencia club, in bad shape in the league, will play the King’s Cup final against Real Betis on Saturday, April 23, 2022. For the occasion, the Chilliz blockchain has organized a lottery that allows you to win two VIP tickets. To participate in this lottery, people must first have the… Valencia fan token! No doubt such a move boosted the price of the Valencia Fan token.

Indeed, many supporters began to buy the token to participate in the lottery. Since then, the price of the Valencia fan token has come down somewhat. At the time of writing, the price of the Valencia fan token is €3.27.


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