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The sale of NFT, Amazon’s way to integrate its business model in Web3

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Amazon is having difficulty integrating Web3 into its business model and the sale of NFTs could be a good start. So far, he hasn’t found a way to integrate his business into the logic of Web3, and such incorporation seems to lead to a challenge that is perhaps more far-reaching.

Something of great difficulty, which means that Bezos and his entourage are in the process of giving it a great deal of thought and, for the time being, monitoring the evolution of proposals on Web3 from its margins.

Keep in mind that Amazon is a kind of big market, within the e-commerce market. A market in which digital assets can become just another commodity. At the moment, it is recruiting blockchain specialists for its new product management department. Specifically, a senior product manager.


Amazon, NFT sale and Web3



After a few weeks in which the capitalization of NFTs has been falling, the news that the GAFAM entity that seemed to be the most distant from the blockchain ecosystem of steps towards NFTs themselves can be interpreted as a kind of relief for the industry. Thus, the large digital distribution platform has shown its interest in the sale of NFTs.

An interest interpreted from the words of Andy Jassy, ​​CEO who succeeded Jeff Bezzos at the head of the company. In an interview on CNBC he pointed out the possibility that NFTs could have a place on the platform.

In the recent CNBC interview, Jassy stresses that he didn’t think Amazon was close to aggregating cryptocurrency payments yet, even if it could be something significant in the future.

Already in the summer of last year, 2021, a spokesperson expressed the company’s interest in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Of course, pointing out that the attraction was then in the efficiency of payments.

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