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The Sandbox Celebrated “Women’s Day” by launching a 25 million fund with World of Women (WoW)

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After christening Aurora as the goddess of its metaverse, The Sandbox announced that it wanted to foster inclusivity in the subversive world. For this, he therefore creates the fund to provide the WoW Foundation with the necessary resources for this purpose.


What is the Collaboration?


The Web3 is mainly dominated by the presence of man but The Sandbox believes that diversity of thought can only contribute to its development and the emergence of new ideas. For this to become a reality, training and mentoring are more than necessary.

A tidy sum of 25 million will be distributed to the foundation over 5 years to achieve this. The actions will be centered around 4 fundamental values:

  • Initiate and train novices
  • Support creators by granting them the necessary funding to carry out their project.
  • Serve as an echo for causes relating to women and stimulate the interest of others.
  • Support charities


A November 2021 study estimated the weight of female artists in NFTs at only 5%. Yam Karkai, the co-founder and also an artist of the World of Women showed her enthusiasm and expressed herself in these words regarding this collaboration.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Sandbox. With this grant, we will establish our mission in the metaverse, leading and supporting women in this new space.”

Integrated WoW Initiatives Into The Sandbox Space


In this same agreement, there is talk that the 10,000 NFTs of the World of Women will be 3D avatars so that they can operate in the metaverse The Sandbox. Some are already available in the testing phase dubbed “Alpha”.

In The Sandbox universe, other structures will emerge. The WOW Foundation will have a 2×2 piece of land to build the WoW Museum in which the works of the said foundation will be presented.

There is also talk of setting up the WoW University to give free training sessions to get started with web3. The diplomas will be delivered in the form of NFT.

The WoW Academy will bring together artists and project leaders and offer them all the essential resources to prosper. They find funding, mentorship and will have access to both the World of Women network and The Sandbox. A real incubator for the birth of the nuggets of web3.

Even if Sandbox seems to be at the heart of the decisions, the WoW assures that the main objective remains a greater integration of women so that the opportunities for growth within the blockchain are distributed fairly.

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