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The Secret Blockchain, or Why We Don’t Know the Creator of Bitcoin

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

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Why is the block chain secret? When bitcoin appeared, a certain Satoshi Nakamoto called himself its creator. Nobody has ever seen this man. There was a case: journalists attacked a Japanese-American with such a surname, but instead of an interview, they received a police order to leave the elderly man alone.

Who is behind the revolutionary system, thanks to which the very concept of “cryptocurrency” appeared? There are several hypotheses, each of which is not unfounded. One of them logically suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto is a fictitious name. Translated from Japanese, “Satoshi” is a wise, clear-thinking, intelligent mentor.

The date of birth that this character indicated in his profile – April 5, 1975 – looks like a mockery, or at least a hint. And that’s why. On this day, but in 1933, US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt forbade Americans to accumulate gold, and subsequently the dollar was “untied” from gold backing. In 1975, Americans were again allowed to buy gold for investment. Bitcoin is referred to as “digital gold”.

If someone alone was behind the bitcoin network, then it manifested itself very limitedly. In 2008, on behalf of Satoshi Nakamoto, an article was posted about a money exchange technology that eliminates the need to trust a third party, unlike the fiat money of states. The following year, the bitcoin network appeared. Since December 16, 2010, the mysterious creator of the project has not taken any part in it.

Assuming that the bitcoin dad is Japanese, it is strange that there are no posts about bitcoin or a bitcoin client written on behalf of Satoshi Nakamoto in Japanese.

There are versions that a whole group of developers was hiding behind the personality of the cryptofather.

Conspiracy theorists consider Nick Szabo, a lawyer and cryptographer from George Washington University, to be the main suspect in the creation of the Bitcoin project. A number of circumstantial evidence points in favor of such a version.

Judge for yourself:

  • Nick Szabo, shortly before the advent of bitcoin, released a work called “Digital Gold”;
  • Satoshi Nakamoto quoted many in his article, but not Nick Szabo;
  • Nick Szabo did not react in any way to the emergence of the Bitcoin project;
  • Nick Szabo began to change the dates of his posts on the forums “backdating” so as to look lagging behind.

Someone Sky Gray stated that he conducted a comparative analysis of his text and found that only 0.1% of cryptography researchers could express themselves this way, and Nick Szabo could well.

Why would anyone be interested in the personality of Satoshi Nakamoto? It’s not just history buffs, dedicated fans. It is also important that every 12th bitcoin programmatically passes into the possession of its creator. Now this is a fortune of 1 million bitcoins!

Ironically, the smallest piece of bitcoin that can in principle be exchanged is called “satoshi”. It is equal to 0.00000001 parts of the unit of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

It turns out such a secret blockchain. In one of the following articles, we will tell you what a blockchain is and why a cryptocurrency transaction cannot be faked.

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