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The virtual land of the metaverse The Sandbox is revalued by 1,100% in the last year

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The virtual land of the metaverse The Sandbox has appreciated 1,100% in the last year, according to data from Opensea. The Sandbox, one of the largest and most important digital platforms built on Ethereum, has attracted major companies, brands and artists in recent months. Among them, the names of Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Atari, Gucci, Warner Music, Carrefour, AXA or PwC. Their investments in this metaverse, to get closer to the new generation of consumers and grow their businesses, has raised the price of their land. Currently, the minimum land sale price in The Sandbox is 4.09 ETH. In 2021, the minimum price of these NFTs barely exceeds 0.3 ETH.


Virtual Earth Metaverse Sandbox


Now, The Sandbox announces its new Alpha season of games, which begins on March 3 and will allow users to use rapper Snoop Dogg’s “Doggy” NFT avatars. It was last November when Animoca Brands, the company that develops The Sandbox, presented the first edition of Alpha, an event to attract players to the new era of gaming in the blockchain metaverses.

On this occasion, Snoopverse, the virtual world designed by the popular rapper, will also be available in the game’s Season 2 Alpha in The Sandbox. The rap legend will showcase his collection of NFTs and give a sneak peek at his upcoming digital games, metaverse developers reported. The 35 digital experiences that Alpha Season 2 will integrate will be available for free to all users who have an account in The Sandbox. 

On this occasion, Each NFT from the crypto collection of 10,000 Snoop Dogg avatars was bid for 150 SAND (about $457 USD). The acquisition of these NFTs allows their holders to attend events, concerts, play games, interact with other users and explore The Sandbox metaverse. Some of these avatars will feature in a Snoop music video, which will be shot entirely within the blockchain metaverse. 


The Sandbox Alpha Season 2


The Sandbox has become one of the most popular gaming metaverses in the industry. In Alpha Season 2, the company will include 35 new game experiences, an improved Play to Earn (P2E) mechanic, and new Alpha 2 NFT Passes, which allow players and explorers of the metaverse to play and win during the game season. The company also announced that the new season will be open to all players on PC and Mac. 


During this second Alpha season, users of The Sandbox will be able to earn NFT passes and SAND token prizes by completing the various missions. 

Game Maker Fundex and the SCMP

Four of the 35 game experiences that The Sandbox will feature in Alpha Season 2 are backed by the Game Maker Fundex, the game creator fund that supports developers in the metaverse. Game Maker Fundex is an initiative created to finance and drive the adoption of decentralized gaming projects. 

GMF game experiences include: Dracula’s Castle, Meta Dungeon, The Funguys Kingdom, and Border Town of Tang Dynasty . Which will immerse players in different game themes and exciting adventures within Tha Sandbox. 


Hong Kong Star Ferry


The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s leading English-language newspaper, has also collaborated with The Sandbox for the metaverse to replicate Hong Kong’s Star Ferry pier. As the developers explained, in Alpha Season 2 it will be possible to take a journey through time through the famous pier thanks to the historical files of the SCMP. 


Over $15 million in prizes in Season 1

During Alpha Season 1, The Sandbox gave away prizes totaling 5 million SAND, currently valued at around $15.2 million. In addition, he handed out 5,000 Alpha Passes and 15,000 NFT tokens. The Sandbox Alpha Season 1 racked up 150k hours of gameplay and over 200k players throughout the season. 

SAND token price

During the first Alpha season, launched in November, the price of SAND grew by more than 35% in a few hours. On this occasion, the announcement of Alpha Season 2 has not had any impact on the price of the token. At press time it is trading at $2.92, showing a drop of more than 14% in the last week.

In The Sandbox, in addition to playing, building and monetizing their virtual creations and experiences, players can also stake the SAND token to earn higher rewards, thanks to liquidity mining

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