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Top 5 Most Popular Cryptos on Reddit

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The cryptocurrency market is dominated by two elements: the intrinsic value of a project and the market sentiment around it. Regarding the second aspect, that of market sentiment, Reddit is an ecosystem that influences it.

Focus today on 5 projects that are getting a lot of talk on Reddit. Projects that will allow you to trade in something other than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

1 – LuckyBlock (LBLOCK)


LuckyBlock is a platform that aims to change the universe of lottery games. By offering a solution entirely hosted on the blockchain, the project intends to pull the rug out from under users who deplore the lack of transparency in gambling. Thanks to the blockchain and its low costs, LuckyBlock also makes it possible to better remunerate the winners, compared to more traditional lotteries.

In addition, the project leaders intend to give a social dimension to the project by donating 10% of the amount of the jackpots to charities. On top of that, token owners can also collect a portion of the jackpot winnings without having to play. Hence the slogan used by the brand:

We pay you to play and we pay you not to play.

The token has largely exploded since its pre-sale phase. According to data from Coinmarketcap, its price has tripled over the last 15 days. While the LBLOCK token is already available on the Pancakeswap platform, it will also become available on LBank Exchange as of February 11. LBank is an exchange with 6 million users, founded in 2015. It regularly posts a daily trading volume of more than one billion dollars. Note that the carriers of the LuckyBlock project are also seeking to list the token on platforms such as Binance or FTX.

Current Price: $0.00233743

Marketcap: $232 million

2 – Shiba Inu (SHIB)


Among the main crypto projects, it is the one that has experienced the strongest growth in 2021. The Shiba Inu project even entered the top 10 of the most important market caps for a few days. Now, Shiba Inu has enough firepower to embark on concrete projects. Recently, it is in the metaverse that project leaders announced that they wanted to project themselves. Shiba Inu could even develop a second-layer blockchain (Shibarium) to make its ecosystem even more fluid.

The meme token, Dogecoin’s number 1 competitor, has seen its price explode in recent days. An increase is largely explained by the massive burn of the token. In the coming months, this deflationary policy around the SHIB could allow the price to appreciate further.

Current Price: $0.00003297

Marketcap: $18 billion

3 – Axie Infinity (AXS)


For many observers, the year 2022 will confirm the trends of the end of 2021: the development of NFTs and the metaverse (virtual world). For those who believe in such projects, Axie Infinity and its AXS token are entry points to consider. If we refer to the classification of CoinMarketCap, one of the references for listing digital currency projects, Axie Infinity would be the third crypto project behind The Sandbox (SAND) or Decentraland (MANA). Among the NFT category, the project is ranked fourth.

Investing in Axie Infinity, therefore, means believing in the development of these two aspects of virtual currency. According to the algorithms of certain platforms such as WalletInvestor, the play to earn the game and its AXS token have real development potential over the long term. Thus, the platform considers it likely that an AXS token could trade against more than 500 dollars on the markets by 2027. Estimates to be taken with a grain of salt, the crypto universe being extremely competitive.

Current price: $63.92

Marketcap: $3.9 billion


4- Dogecoin (DOGE)


We no longer need to introduce Dogecoin since it’s one of the most popular tokens of the famous billionaire Elon Musk. Born from a joke, the Dogecoin project today seeks to offer much more concrete initiatives. As evidenced by the first project roadmap published a few months ago. A roadmap that detailed, in particular, the desire to offer to stake solutions on the ecosystem as well as tools facilitating the use of DOGE as a means of payment.

The year 2022 could be a continuation of the rise in the price of Dogecoin. A fortiori if it were to be used more massively as a means of payment. A company like Tesla has already taken the plunge, but only on a few products. An announcement that had nevertheless propelled the course of the DOGE.

Current Price: $0.1587

Marketcap: $21 billion

5 – Avalanche (AVAX)


It was one of the first layer blockchain projects to take off in 2021 alongside Solana (SOL). In all likelihood, the rise of decentralized finance should continue in the months and years to come, which would be favorable for the Avalanche project. A project that is also part of the “short-list” of what observers call the “Ethereum killer”. If it is not the biggest project, Avalanche still has strong arguments. At the time of writing, it is the eighth crypto project on the market (excluding stablecoins) in terms of marketcap.


For the quality of service and use, Avalanche is one of the most efficient blockchains. Thanks in particular to one of the fastest transaction processing speeds on the market.

Current price: $90.02

Marketcap: $21.9 billion

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