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Top 5 of the most crypto-friendly sports!

Partnerships between sports clubs or organizations and crypto players are flourishing more and more. But it would still seem that some sports are more open than others and have taken the first step. From football to basketball or Formula 1, zoom in on these sports that give pride of place to the crypto universe! 

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Partnerships with Formula 1 teams, advertising campaigns for the Superbowl, creation of fan tokens, the examples of rapprochement between the sporting and cryptographic world are multiplying.

Sports Fan And Cryptophile: The Same Audience?


In any case, this is what a certain number of studies seem to show. Thus, a 2021 study concluded that more than two-thirds of sports enthusiasts claimed to be familiar with digital assets. A figure that even climbed to 72% among sports bettors and which for some even went as far as betting in cryptocurrencies.

These figures are up to 2 times higher than for the public uninitiated in the sport. If we compare the two audiences and still according to the conclusions of the survey, the audience of sports fans was even 3 times more likely to know the world of cryptocurrencies very well. Other surveys also abound in this direction. It would therefore seem that there is a more pronounced interest in cryptos among the sports fan and/or bettor public. Hence the use of sport as a conversion lever for exchange platforms and other players

1 – Soccer


During the first lockdown, supporters around the world saw the concept of fan tokens emerge. These tokens supposed to allow greater proximity between clubs and fans allow the latter to benefit from exclusive experiences by possessing the tokens. This fan-token model represents a win-win system for both fans and clubs. Indeed, during the pandemic, clubs have largely suffered from the absence of ticketing revenue. The emergence of fan tokens therefore allows them to diversify their sources of income.

This first wave around fan tokens was embodied by the platform and the Chiliz (CHZ) token. Today, the platform has already partnered with the biggest clubs in the world such as FC Barcelona, ​​PSG, Manchester City and Juventus of Turin. During the transfer of Lionel Messi to Paris Saint Germain, the payment of part of the signing bonus in fan tokens had also caused a lot of ink to flow.

Aware of the enormous potential of the sector which was only in its infancy, other players such as the Binance platform have also rushed into the breach. The world’s number 1 exchange has already enabled the launch of fan tokens from several clubs such as Lazio in Rome, FC Porto and FC Santos. The partnership with Lazio in Rome for the launch of the fan token also included the club’s shirt sponsorship.

The emergence of the Sorare platform which works with NFTs (Non Fungible Token) is also a mark of the intertwining between crypto and football. By purchasing player NFTs and based on the actual performance of players in their leagues, users take part in a competition on each new day.


2 – Formula 1


There is no shortage of crypto partnerships in the world of Formula 1. Last year, the platform announced that it would become the championship partner for races in the “sprint” format. An announcement that followed a well-orchestrated sponsorship strategy since the platform was already one of the sponsors of the Aston Martin team. A few weeks ago, even entered into a naming partnership for the American Formula 1 Grand Prix. A 9-year partnership that should enable the platform to strengthen its visibility with the North American public.

For the year 2022, the Velas blockchain has entered into a partnership with the most legendary team in the paddock: Scuderia Ferrari. On the side of the Red Bull team, we trust for this new season in Tezos but also in the Bybit platform which is displayed in particular on the front wing of the single-seater. The Mercedes team of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is also involved in its crypto partnership with FTX, as was already the case last year.

At Alpine, it is the Binance platform which will display its logo on the single-seaters of Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso for this 2022 season. A few days ago, it was via the Binance Launchpad that the fan token of the team (the first in F1 history) was launched. The partnership between Formula 1 teams and the crypto platform therefore seems to be institutionalized in the paddocks.


3 – MMA


In the world of MMA, we again find the platform which is a privileged partner of the most prestigious league: the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). During the fight for the heavyweight title, Francis Ngannou had also worn around his neck one of his knockouts in NFT. Examples of close ties between MMA, crypto and/or NFT are also increasing.

The most prestigious league of MMA fighters is also a partner of the platform. Because if the project today largely revolves around football clubs, other sports are also represented.


4 – Basketball


StormX, an application that uses the concept of cashback with payment in crypto is also the jersey sponsor of the NBA franchise of the Portland Trail Blazers. In addition, Stephen Curry, star player of the Warriors, has signed up with the FTX platform.

In the world of basketball, has also stood out. A few weeks ago, the exchange offered the naming of the room of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers. We no longer say Staples Center but rather Arena. The platform that makes sponsorship one of its businesses is also the jersey sponsor of the Philadelphia 76ers team. The Coinbase platform also stands out on American courts since it has been an official sponsor of the NBA for a few months.


5 – American Football


During the last Superbowl which pitted the Los Angeles Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals, the entertainment around the match also made a lot of noise. With the traditional half-time show but also by the fact that nearly half (40%) of advertisers were neophytes. And among these new advertisers who invaded TV screens around the world at halftime, many crypto players. The initiatives of FTX or Coinbase have also been widely highlighted and discussed on social networks.

Among players, many partnerships exist with crypto players. These include Trevor Lawrence, first choice of the last NFL draft. For his part, Tom Brady, the best US football player of all time is also known to be a notorious cryptophile. Asset manager Grayscale known to be the largest crypto asset manager in the world has also entered the game by becoming the New York Giants NFL franchise sponsor.

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