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Top 7 Best Automatic Crypto Trading Robots in Nigeria

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The purpose of crypto trading robots in Nigeria is virtually the same no matter which service you choose to use. These include helping users generate profits automatically without necessarily having extensive trading knowledge.

That said, some stand out considerably from their competitors by the quality of their offer. We have sorted to offer you below, and in detail, the top 7 best crypto trading robots in Nigeria known to be reliable and free.

1. Bitcoin Trader: Best Robot for Trading Cryptos

Bitcoin Trader: Recommended broker for automatic tradingLaunched in 2016, Bitcoin Trader is equipped with excellent financial market data analysis software (in real time), in order to execute orders automatically and with disconcerting speed.

As it happens, Bitcoin Trader claims an execution speed of 0.001 seconds

The credit for such speed must be given to its artificial intelligence software which makes the algorithm one of the most efficient on the market.

The registration process is convenient and fast enough, and the minimum deposit is only $250 .

✅ Buy BTC with Bitcoin Trader ✅

  • Perfect for those who prefer trading robots
  • Free demo account
  • 24/7 Customer Service

How Much Can You Earn With Bitcoin Trader?


The promoters of Bitcoin Trader claim that it is possible to generate up to €1300 in profits per day, with a success rate of 92% .

What is it really? Although BitcoinTrader is the most reliable robot, it is obvious that these alleged gains are unrealistic to say the least.

Caution is therefore called for. Ideally, we recommend that you do your own research before you start, because the opinions found on the web are quite divergent.


  • A diversified offer of means of payment
  • Collaboration with regulated brokers
  • Ever faster withdrawal operations
  • A free service at all points: zero costs
  • An efficient and always available customer service


  • No absolute guarantee as to presumed profits

2. Bitcoin Era: Leverage Up To 500:1

crypto trading bot

The particularity of Bitcoin Era is that it offers leverage of up to 500:1

It may be very beautiful, but such high leverage also carries risks. Besides that, you don’t have to spend a penny to register on Bitcoin Era.

However, an initial deposit of $250 is required to actually start trading.

Operations on Bitcoin Era are possible thanks to the partnership with:

  • UFX
  • EuropeFX
The customer service of this bot is accessible by email and Live Chat .

How Much Can You Earn With Bitcoin Era?


If we stick to Bitcoin Era estimates, it would be possible to earn up to €1100 per day, with an accuracy rate of 90%.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee such benefits, as there is no hard data to support them.

⇨ Our opinion on Bitcoin Era 💰

  • broker
  • Description
  • Note
  • Visit the broker
  • Works with UFX and EuropeFX
  • Deposit or withdrawal is done in 24 hours
  • Live chat available


  • A user manual sufficiently provided
  • A free demo account to practice
  • Collaborates with regulated Brokers
  • Very short withdrawal period


  • A high and unrealistic success rate
  • Risk of losing capital

3. Bitcoin Code: Free Robot and working with regulated brokers

bitcoin codes

Bitcoin Code is a project that was supposedly started by a certain Steve McKay.

But further research has established that it is rather a fictional character. That said, it turns out that Bitcoin Code is indeed in collaboration with regulated brokers like Europe FX and UFX

The platform offers various payment methods:

  • credit or debit card
  • Bank account
  • electronic payment solutions.

Each new registrant must go through an identity verification process. As for the withdrawal of profits, we noticed that it does not take more than 24 hours.

Bitcoin Code promises 1500 euros per day for a success ratio of 87%. This cannot be guaranteed, especially since we all know how volatile the cryptocurrency market can be.

For its various services offered, Bitcoin Code does not charge any fees in the account. On the other hand, it earns money thanks to the various commissions on the profits of its users.


  • No fees related to the use of its services
  • Quick and free signup
  • Offer suitable for various types of traders
  • Educational videos accessible to all
  • Responsive customer service


The main disadvantage of this trading robot is the overestimation of potential profits.


4. Bitcoin Evolution: A trusted offer integrating the SSL protocol

Bitcoin evolution logo

Bitcoin Evolution is designed with an algorithm to automatically analyze the price of financial markets to identify trading opportunities and execute orders without any human intervention.

How Much Can You Earn With Bitcoin Evolution?


Bitcoin Evolution claims a 90% success rate. According to this platform indeed, it is possible to earn up to 1300 € by using their application.

To get to the facts, unfortunately we cannot guarantee such benefits. They are, to say the least, unrealistic.

⇨ Our opinion on Bitcoin Evolution

  • broker
  • Description
  • Note
  • Visit the broker
  • Existing Customer Support
  • Quick registration
  • Withdrawals and deposits in less than 24 hours



  • An SSL protocol
  • A practical and multilingual interface
  • Various payment methods
  • Speed ​​in the execution of deposits and withdrawals.
  • A sufficiently responsive service


  • Limited cryptocurrency supply
  • Presumed profits not at all realistic

5. Bitcoin Revolution: Integrated Trading Platform


bitcoin revolution logo

Bitcoin Revolution is the result of a special mix between artificial intelligence and Blockchain.

Bitcoin Revolution also offers a mobile application for better usability.

The promoters of Bitcoin Revolution offer a demo account and urge users to practice with this account before switching to real money.

Safety is also a key element:

  • the platform applies a fairly advanced data encryption policy while respecting European regulations on user data protection .
  • Bitcoin Revolution works with regulated brokers, which makes it a strong argument in favor of its reliability.

How Much Can You Earn With Bitcoin Revolution?


The team around the Bitcoin Revolution project maintains that it is possible to generate profits of the order of €4000 in just one day, and this, with an initial deposit of only €250. We found no evidence that would support such benefits.

All the same, one of the advantages of Bitcoin Revolution is that it does not apply any hidden fees. We were able to raise commissions of around 2% on the profits you generate on the platform.


  • Convenient and easy to use platform
  • Partnership with regulated Brokers
  • A free demo account
  • Quite reliable customer service


  • Unflattering customer reviews on the web
  • 2% commissions on each successful trade.


6. Bitcoin Loophole: Various Payment Methods

bitcoin loophone crypto trading botBitcoin Loophole makes it possible to anticipate the course of the financial markets thanks to a rather sophisticated algorithm.

Its uniqueness is that it does not take any cents from clients’ profits, unlike most trading bots.

The minimum deposit is €250.


How Much Can You Earn With Bitcoin Loophole?


In the opinion of the promoters of Bitcoin Loophole, all it takes is a simple setup (accessible to beginners) to activate the automatic mode and ensure significant profits.

Concretely, they claim to be able to guarantee a success rate of 88%, for a daily profit of 1300 €

We were unable to verify this information. Therefore, we must remain vigilant.


  • Easy to use platform
  • Sufficiently secure, with account verification
  • Demo account free and accessible to all
  • Payment by bank check accepted


  • Some users consider it a scam

7. Bitcoin Profit: Affordable Profit Commissions


crypto trading bot profitBitcoin Profit is a tool developed to facilitate the work of traders through automatic management of market analysis and trading orders.

The algorithm of this platform has been specially designed to anticipate trading signals and automatically make decisions according to the configuration you have made.

⇨ Our opinion on Bitcoin Profit 💰

  • broker
  • Description
  • Note
  • Visit the broker
  • Transparent service fee calculation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Withdrawal within 24 hours

In addition, the site works with regulated brokers while respecting European regulations. That said, customer reviews are not always unanimous.

To start using Bitcoin Profit now, all you need is an initial deposit of €250, since registration is free

You can use the default auto trading settings, or change them to your liking.


How Much Can You Earn With Bitcoin Profit?


The promoters of Bitcoin Profit claim to be able to guarantee a 90% success rate, with daily earnings of over €1300

Unfortunately, these tantalizing predictions are not based on any logical basis. These are neither more nor less than false promises. As a general rule, it’s always best to play it safe with trading robots.


  • Robot accessible to beginners with auto trading parameters already set
  • Free and easily accessible educational resources
  • Free demo account
  • Fast withdrawal operations in less than 24 hours
  • Customer service available 24/7


  • Assumed winnings cannot be guaranteed. 
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