One of the most important factors in changing the price of all cryptocurrencies is the general news background in the world. There are various news from the cryptocurrency segment and not only, after which the entire cryptocurrency market reacts with growth or fall. Let’s take a look at the main types of cryptocurrency news and their features.

Why does news affect the market?

Cryptocurrency is, first of all, the financial sector. And everything that is connected with global money is interconnected. The value of any national currency, company shares and even natural resources react to events that happen in the world. And cryptocurrency is no exception.

Conventionally, all news can be divided into several types and subtypes. For example, the biggest division: news from the cryptocurrency sector and general global news. Any serious world news can be attributed to the general ones. Such as war, crisis, sanctions, etc. It affects the economy, and hence the cryptocurrencies. However, now we will analyze in more detail exactly the types of cryptocurrency news.

Types of cryptocurrency news: states and companies

1. The first type is government news. Here we mean news related to the announcement of the legalization, ban, regulation of cryptocurrencies by a particular country. This type of news is one of the most influential. If a major country bans bitcoin (as was the case with China in the fall of 2021), then the entire crypto market immediately goes down. If the news is good (for example, bitcoin is legalized in some country), as a rule, the value of digital assets rises.

2. The second type refers to announcements from large global companies. In fact, the same as the last paragraph, only on a smaller scale. For example, a social network or a large grocery store announces that it is possible to pay with cryptocurrency on its network. This news also has a positive effect on the market.

Types of cryptocurrency news crypto projects and influencers.  Photo: Immersion Imagery / shutterstock.comTypes of cryptocurrency news crypto projects and influencers. Photo: Immersion Imagery /

3. The following type of news is directly related to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency companies. For example, the release of a new large and modern blockchain has been announced. Or a new company has opened that can solve one of the problems of the cryptocurrency sphere. Also, an existing large company receives licenses to legalize its activities or, conversely, is closed.

4. Influencers. Very often, the crypto market or an individual coin reacts to crypto influencers. These are popular people, such as Elon Musk, who give their good or bad opinion about a cryptocurrency (or a particular coin), and after that it usually rises (if the opinion is positive) or falls heavily (if the opinion is negative).

How can types of news help?


As a result, we can say that any major news will somehow affect the crypto market. That is why, first of all, it is worth keeping a close eye on all relevant news. All of the above types of news will help you figure out which areas are best to focus your monitoring on.

In our time, a person will not physically be able to study all possible information. Therefore, you should, first of all, choose news sources for yourself, filter the news by types from this article and start your little research.

Based on the information received, you will be able to see for yourself how much news affects the crypto industry, and as a result, start applying this knowledge and earning on cryptocurrency