There have always been myths about whether it is possible to obtain a loan if you do not have a fixed income, if you work independently with many possibilities.

The reality is that today, banking institutions take many elements into account, beyond a fixed payroll to lend money.

There are also other entities that provide options to people who face this type of situation when applying for a loan. So if you are in that process and you have asked yourself the question of how to request a loan without verifying income , we will give you some options.

How to check income?


Among many other requirements, the most essential when applying for a loan is proof of income, so this aspect can always make us a little nervous, especially if we do not have a payroll as such in a bank, so much so that we doubt our chances of obtaining it. Let’s see what are the alternatives to verify income:

1) Payroll receipt


Yes, one of the most frequent and most accepted are payroll receipts. It contains all the information required by banks to know your income and deductions.

2) Declarations


Surely you have asked yourself, how do I check income if I work on my own?

For some institutions, declarations are a good way to buy your income, both monthly (if you declare this way) and annual ones, they will help you to value your economy.


3) Statements


If you work independently, either with your company or as a natural person, one way to check your income will be through your account statements. Depending on the type of credit you are looking for, be it personal, automotive or mortgage, they tell you how much is the amount that you must check, so that this is an excellent option, your account management will help you.

4) Employer letter


There are places where they request an employer letter to prove income. This is a formal document issued by the company or labor authority of the place where you work, where it guarantees that the person to whom the letter is issued is part of the company, as well as other relevant data such as seniority, salary , discounts or benefits.

So in this document all the necessary information is established so that the entity to which the credit is requested, has certainty about the applicant.

If you are thinking of requesting an employer letter to verify income, then consider that it has at least the following elements: place and date it is issued; data that identifies the company or employer: its address, telephone number, logo, among others; all the data of the worker: position, salary, vacations, schedules, benefits, discounts, seniority, among others; signature and stamp.

These insurance alternatives will help you if your interest is to obtain some credit to acquire real estate, want to get a car or simply want to access a credit card or loan.

Remember that if you do not receive a payroll in a banking institution, you can open savings accounts, which help you capture your history or movements regarding your economy. Since otherwise, it will be very difficult for a banking institution to give you a credit if you do not have any reference or history to analyze it.

Finally, consider that there are online credits such as  , which offer you credit options, with more openness for the requirements that are requested of you, so it may be the right option for you.