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What are Elon Musk’s Preferred Cryptos?

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We no longer present Elon Musk, the most famous cryptocurrency billionaire. Everyone knows the taste that the businessman, head of Tesla, has for cryptos. Whether to praise them, as was the case with Dogecoin, or to condemn them, with Bitcoin. With this in mind, its potential investments, as well as its ability to choose assets, are unanimous among traders around the world.

That said, we move on to the exclusive list. It’s not exactly about Elon Musk’s personal choices. Only, according to the opinion of our analysts, it best represents the choices that Elon Musk could make in the field of cryptocurrencies. How was this list made? It’s simple. To understand the investment choices of such a person, you have to put yourself in their shoes. That being the case, it’s easier said than done. So how do you put yourself in the shoes of an industry titan?

Elon Musk’s preferred Crypto – The List

The first thing to do is to understand what motivated his many investment choices. 3 factors are key in his financial choices. Utility, security, and the promise of gain.

1. Lucky Block – the Lottery Crypto for Elon Musk?


The cryptocurrency that immediately comes to mind when trying to bring these three factors together is Lucky Block. The lucky block is a UFO in the crypto world. It is the only one that effectively meets the three selection criteria set up as a model by Elon Musk.

For those who don’t know it yet, Lucky Block is the blockchain lottery project. Just that. The lottery is not the first business in the world. But almost. Lotteries exist in all regions of the world, in all countries, and very often they are owned by states.

The reason is simple: lotteries are among the most profitable businesses on earth. Everyone has a chance to win. It’s true. Anyone can participate in a lottery and hope for a real win. However, two conditions arise: the lottery must be fair. That is to say that the latter must not be faked. And the second condition, you win all the more if you won the lottery.

This is where Lucky Block gets interesting. By investing in this asset, you are betting on the success of this business, which is proven and validated by the generations of humans who have gone before. But that’s not all. By buying Lucky Block tokens, which has made an incredible performance of 1200% since the presale price. you become the owner of part of the profits of this economy.

In other words, unlike those who play Lotto, you have no chance of losing. And that is the kind of investment where we find players like Elon Musk.

2. Dogecoin, the Crypto Meme Favorite


We don’t have to talk extensively about Dogecoin. Because we won’t waste time telling the story of one of the most famous cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. The joke currency, launched in 2014 by a geek, has become the workhorse of billionaires like Mark Cuban and … Elon Musk. The first launched Dogecoin as a means of payment for derivative products from its store. The second, the CEO of Tesla, took time but ended up making the jump.

Dogecoin is now a payment method for many Tesla Store items. But that’s not all. The whimsical businessman also threw his weight behind Dogecoin to become a universally recognized currency.

And how? By offering Mac Donald an extraordinary exchange. His offer, published on his Twitter account to several million subscribers: if McDonald’s accepted Dogecoin as a means of payment, he was promoting the Happy Meal. An offer that has not found a buyer on the side of the fast-food firm. For the moment!

3. Bitcoin – the King of Crypto



If we often praise the most promising cryptocurrencies, we often forget the power of the old ones. This is particularly the case with Bitcoin. The latter has proven itself. And its gains are often less violent than those of Dogecoin or Lucky Block. Only, the difference between these new fashionable cryptocurrencies is that Bitcoin has extraordinary security.

In technical terms and terms of investment. Remember: Elon Musk’s cryptocurrencies must meet three criteria: security, the promise of gain, and utility. When it comes to security and utility, Bitcoin is the clear champion.

For the promises of gain, some might say that it is not up to par. But in just one year, its course has simply exploded the yields that could be encountered on the traditional markets. He, therefore, does indeed meet Elon Musk’s selection criteria.

4. Ethereum – not the King, but the Prince



What is most important, after a king, in a monarchy? A clue, it’s not the carpet merchant. He is the son of the king, in other words, the prince. The prince of cryptocurrencies is Ethereum.

Released shortly after Bitcoin, Ethereum is way ahead technically and in terms of utility. One of Elon Musk’s key criteria. Today, in trading and usage volume, ETH is well ahead of Bitcoin.

To the point, that network fees and transaction speed have become an issue. But if some see it as a signal of the death of Ethereum, it is on the contrary a positive signal. It’s easy to say that we have a more efficient network than Ethereum.

But until you have hundreds of billions of transactions every day, the comparison is useless. In its field, Ethereum is so far ahead of its competitors that it will be years before its reign is challenged. And that’s why Ethereum is one of the favorite investments of seasoned investors like Elon Musk.

5. Shiba Inu – the Genie



The Shiba Inu is in line with Dogecoin. Only, the Doge benefited from a first effect. It was the cryptocurrency meme, the successful joke, the UFO. The Shina Inu couldn’t take that place, because there was only one. So, rather than competing in the field of jokes, the Shiba Inu has developed a real ecosystem. DeFi, investment, staggering returns, NFT… The list of innovations is long. It’s what made Shiba Inu a standout investment, not just a clone.

These cryptos are therefore the 5 cryptocurrency investments that are relevant for investors like Elon Musk. Beyond the simple promise of gain, billionaires look at three things: security, growth, and utility. And that’s what makes these people billionaires, and that’s what makes these investments extraordinary. So if you’re looking for how to invest, start by thinking like a real winner.

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