What are parachains? Each blockchain has its own distinctive qualities, functions, and principles of operation. However, blockchains also have disadvantages in the form of limited capabilities. As a result, blockchains are limited in their interaction with other blockchains and tools.

What are parachains

Parachains help solve some of the problems associated with network limitations. The Polkadot ecosystem is one of the leaders in this field.

Polkadot is a decentralized blockchain created in 2016. The Polkadot blockchain has four main elements: Relay Chain – the main network, the center of the ecosystem; parachains; parathreads and bridges to connect the Polkadot ecosystem with other blockchains.

The Polkadot ecosystem has its own DOT token. The stability of the system is supported by validators. Polkadot cannot communicate with other smart contracts and is only responsible for transactions within the platform.

However, the hallmark of Polkadot is the ability to scale by connecting third-party blockchains to the main network.

Parachains are separate, independent blockchains with specific tools to help networks communicate with each other. This is facilitated by the mechanisms underlying parachains. In addition, when interacting, parachains create not one chain of blocks, but a whole network. And the mechanisms of the Polkadot network help to transfer not only tokens, but also various data.

So, Polkadot parachains are separate blockchains that will join the main Polkadot network and take security characteristics from it. Otherwise, these blockchains are practically independent. That is, each has its own distinctive properties and applications. In addition, it is not excluded that these blockchains have their own tokenomics and tokens.

The Future of the Polkadot Ecosystem


The Polkadot ecosystem is evolving according to its roadmap. In 2022, many important events are planned that should favorably affect the DOT token rate. It is planned, for example, to improve the scalability and compatibility of the network, as well as the adaptation of parachains. Investors predict a successful future for the ecosystem, as Polkadot parachains solve the problem of scalability.

Parachain Auctions

The Polkadot ecosystem has slots for connecting parachains. However, their number is limited – there are only 100 of them. This ensures healthy competition between projects and motivates them to create useful programs with interesting bonuses for users