One of the most important departments that every company has is the one that is in charge of working with people. That is why human resources, talent management, human capital or any name by which you identify this area, is essential.

Let’s learn together what they are, what the functions of human resources are, as well as the importance they have within a company.


What are human resources?


Human resources is the department or area of ​​a company, focused on everything that is related to people and the attraction of talent.

For many years human resources were specifically associated with staff recruitment. However, over time it has been proven that it has many more areas of action that are very valuable for both companies and employees.

Human resources functions

If you wonder, what are some of the objectives of this area, we leave you some of the most important:

Recruitment processes

One of the functions of the human resources or HR area is the search, attraction and incorporation of talent to your company. Their tasks in this regard are:

Establish, together with the related areas, the characteristics of the position that is being sought. So it defines:

  • Job description
  • Functions
  • Responsibilities
  • compensation
  • Design and apply the procedures that the applicants must carry out.
  • Develop strategies to attract candidates.
  • Staff selection.
  • Entry and adaptation of new staff to the company.

Employee development and training

Constant development will always be a necessity for every company, but also for every individual. Therefore, one of the tasks of the human resources area is to motivate and, at the same time, facilitate the continuous learning of the workers.

Human Resources Functions in Mexico

Generate a good work environment

Just as its name indicates, this department is responsible for organizing human talent, therefore also: human relations. It is necessary to always work in a work environment that increases productivity, favors an environment conducive to achieving objectives and makes employees feel comfortable.

In the same way, work should be done to ensure good labor relations, such as:

  • between employees
  • Between employees and employers
  • Between company and unions, among others

Staff administrative procedures

In this aspect, some of the responsibilities of human resources are:

  • Staff contracts
  • payroll
  • Law benefits
  • permissions
  • disabilities
  • Holidays
  • Assistance
  • Formalization of contract


Within its functions are also the remuneration or remuneration systems. A remuneration is defined as the payment that is made for something. This means that HR is responsible for paying workers for the activities they carry out.


Talent management or human resources personnel are also in charge of the discipline within the company, some of the aspects they attend to are:

  • Respect for company rules
  • Compliance with the responsibilities of each person
  • Respect the company culture
  • Admonish when a fault is committed, if so indicated by your policies
  • Fire if necessary

What is the importance of human resources?

The human factor in companies is invaluable. This department, in addition to being in charge of administrative aspects, which are of utmost importance for the company and the employee, is also essential to generate:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Clear communication channels
  • Employee motivation
  • Preserve the physical and emotional health of workers

Sure to work on each of the aspects mentioned, you will be able to obtain the greatest potential of your company and employees.