Cryptocurrencies now occupy a large place in the financial ecosystem, to the point of serving as a support for fundraising. If you want to understand the ICO Crypto concept for investment needs or just out of curiosity, read our complete ICO crypto 2021 guide for all the details.

ICO Crypto: What Is It? Opinion


Discover here, the concept of the term ICO Crypto, its objective as well as the steps to follow to adopt it.

  • Definition of a Crypto ICO
  • What is the purpose of an ICO
  • Steps for a Crypto ICO


Definition of a Crypto ICO

ICO is the acronym for Initial Coin Offering. It is a means of fundraising, which gives rise to the sale of digital assets against cryptocurrencies. The exchange of tokens is carried out using blockchain technology.

This technology has been in regular use for a few years and in 2018, for example, more than 13 billion dollars were raised in total thanks to an ico cryptocurrency.

What is the Purpose of an ICO? Opinion


As a fundraising medium, the ICO is an innovative solution for financing a project, especially if it is related to technology and digital. Still known as “token sales”, this method facilitates fundraising since it is decentralized and dematerialized. If you are the owner of an application creation project with a blockchain protocol, for example, you can go through the initial coin offering to find the funds (up to millions of dollars) necessary to achieve your goals. 

Steps to Follow for a Crypto ICO – Reviews


You ask yourself the question, – how does ICO work? Know that there are simple steps to fundraise with cryptocurrency ico. We present them briefly here.

  • The structuring of the ICO which consists of finding a Global Advisor and signing the service contract. During this time, the structure issues the tokens which will be sold.
  • The design of the product during which the team in search of funds creates a White Paper and tries to make known its project of Ico crypto to its community. If she does not have one, she will have to look for it.
  • Pre-sale and sale: this stage aims to seek the necessary financing to carry out the entire ICO process. During a presale, the price is reduced.
  • After ICO and listing: it is necessary to make an ico crypto list of coins to guarantee the success of the operation. This is how you can set a higher selling price