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What is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

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Over the past decade, a growing increase in the cryptocurrency business has begun. That’s why in this post we are going to tell you what an Airdrop cryptocurrency is.


What is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?


Crypto currencies are a type of currency created in 2009 as a virtually managed value currency; therefore each cryptocurrency unit has a market value.

These types of currencies are managed through software that has a block chain and does not require the intervention of a bank for its management; information not regulated by any type of national or world bank.

But What is a cryptocurrency Airdrop?

An Airdrop cryptocurrency is basically an advertising campaign that tries to launch or advertise a coin to make it visible within the $1,500 cryptocurrency types, managing to attract the attention of all analysts and investors.

This campaign is used for Bitcoin operating on Blockchain systems; which is nothing more than a chain that unites users and investors through a simple coded and encrypted interface; thus ensuring rapid and direct interaction and eliminating intermediaries such as banks, without neglecting the security of financial information and, on the other hand, systems based on ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

How do Airdrops work?


Managers are assigned for the operation of Airdrops, which can be the same investors or trading pages. In this process, what is done is to send the tokens or cryptocurrencies to the managers, who forward them to a specific number of users.



Tokens or coins are free and this type of campaign has the following advantages:

● Attract mass media attention by generating that new bitcoin or current bitcoin projects can be promoted by increasing their value in the market.

● Ensure the distribution of cryptocurrencies: The delivery of tokens and coins is made dynamic through the delivery of coins that regulate the market and market prices.


What types of Airdrop are there?

The most common and existing Airdrops on the market are:

1) Task Airdrop: it is a type of Airdrop that requires you to perform some type of specific task that is usually linked to social networks, in order to get free tokens or coins as a reward.

2) Airdrop with Exchanges : it is a type of Airdrop created by the creators of the project; which directly select those who will receive the type of currency or token.

3) Airdrop with purse: it is a type of Airdrop that is delivered to those who buy the services of handbags or wallets; in order to promote both money and wallet services.

4) Airdrop for possession: it is a type of Airdrop that delivers through the possession or assets of certain currencies to users as a reward for using bitcoins.

5) Airdrop from app: it is used by some pages as a reward for new users or for those who have been using some applications for a long time.

Remember that it is an easy and free option to get cryptocurrencies; So, if you want to participate, you should follow the “” page, where you can be attentive to new projects that include Airdrops.

Once you have found the project, don’t forget to enter the information to be part of the new project. By doing this, we hope you understand what an Airdrops cryptocurrency is all about.


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