Facebook is currently the social network with the most users in Nigeria, and the world as a whole. Nobody is unaware, therefore, the enormous potential it has to promote products, services and companies. Facebook Ads is, consequently, the system that allows advertising the Facebook page of a page, website, application or event, allowing the creation of text, graphic and video ads that will be paid only for the clicks received.

The creation of a strategy carried out by a specialized Facebook Ads agency is currently considered one of the investments with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) offered by the internet . And it is that the size and importance that this social network has acquired presents it as one of the most favorable spaces to carry out businesses of all kinds, favoring the advertising and promotion of products and services to a huge amount of public .

How Facebook Ads works





Social networks, like Facebook, are entities in continuous transformation. The formulas and options to introduce advertising are being perfected, completed and also becoming more complex. For all those individuals and companies that require an effective online advertising system, Facebook Ads is easy to understand and use . This platform allows a total adaptation to any type of budget , guaranteeing the fastest and most beneficial return on investment.

The ways to create an ad are the three that are presented below.


1. From the wall


This is the first of the options and the easiest to create an ad. It is about giving publicity to an existing publication, with image and text already created. The more successful it has been naturally, the more profitable it will be to advertise it with Facebook Ads.


2. From the Ad Center


You will have to go to the official page of the Ad Center and go to the “create ad” button, located at the top right. Once inside, you can choose between creating a new ad, automated ads, boosting a post, and even boosting a post from Instagram.


3. From Ads Manager


This is the professional o, the most complete that allows you to create ads from scratch with a good handful of options for good segmentation . This feature is accessed from the company page on Facebook through the section labeled “Professional”. In these cases, the most advisable thing is always to have a company specialized in this type of campaign. It is an advertising agency that gradually follows a series of steps that optimize the performance of any campaign: Analysis and measurement, launch and validation, rotation and strategy and, finally, scaling and reporting.


Audience segmentation, a key step for strategy optimization


Locating the clientele interested in a product or service and channeling the campaign towards them is essential to optimize resources and avoid wasting time, that is, segmenting the audience you want to reach to obtain the best results.

You have to be clear about the target customer of each campaign and, for this, Facebook is a perfect tool, since it maintains thousands of data on registered users. This guarantees that this social network knows better than anyone who is the person or company that could be interested in a specific product or service.

Whoever is going to carry out a commercial strategy that includes Facebook Ads will only have to detail the audience they want to reach as best as possible , allowing it to reach as many people as possible.

Main advantages of using Facebook Ads



There is no single and simple reason why implementing Facebook Ads in the online marketing strategies of companies is a winning option. The advantages and benefits offered by the platform to businesses, companies and self-employed professionals ensure an increase in both prestige and sales. These are the main reasons to use Facebook Ads. 

1. Segmentation


The importance of segmentation has already been discussed in this article. With Facebook Ads the possibilities of segmentation are enormous , either by the interests of the users, or by geographical data, age, gender, purchasing power… Information that will serve to facilitate the location of the ideal client.

2. Going viral


With quality content, the possibility of viralization of the product, service, or signature on this platform will grow exponentially and for free. The fans and followers themselves will be in charge of sharing and expanding the message massively. 


3. Economic


With this advertising and promotion technique, you will only pay for clicks , that is, you only pay for the confirmation that the message has reached the interested potential customer (after segmentation).


4. Interaction

Interaction with users and customers opens up the real possibility of a conversion . Companies, to win and accumulate interactions, can carry out raffles, surveys, questions, contests… It is a system that allows them to get to know customers better, allowing them to offer what they are looking for when they need it, increasing sales.


5. Measurement


The Facebook platform offers advanced report development systems with a great deal of detail that will allow the optimization of campaigns and results.


6. Variety


There is a good number of possible advertising actions to adapt them to the needs of the organization and more easily access the target customer. Likes, post interactions, website clicks and conversations, custom app installs and interactions, event responses, bid requests… are some of them